Catalyst Atlanta 2013 Priscilla Shirer Notes

Note: These are live notes I’m taking during the Catalyst Conference. They’re not organized or edited.

Priscilla ShirerSometimes we don’t realize we’re being put into the place where we need to be to get what we’re asking for. Shared story about a relative and his child.

Child would go to the refrigerator, point at it, say EAT. The father would then bring the child to the high chair and go to get the food. The baby would wiggle out of the seat, goes back to the frig, and points and says EAT. This played out multiple times.

We do the same thing.

No matter how far you feel you might be removed from a goal you’re convicted about, what you need to do differently, what you need to change… God has enough patience to walk with you. Even if your friends or spouse might not.

Sometimes we’re paired with people who are the opposite of us. So we can hone the characteristic of patience.

Does God have a problem with patience like we do? Does He get tired of our asking like we do when little children ask us the same question 10 times? Nope…

You cannot wear God out.

No matter how far off the mark you may think you may be, God’s got your back. He can hang with you. He’s committed to hanging with you.

1st Timothy 1:16

Reasons God has the patience for you

1st Timothy 1:15 – To save sinners

God could have just fixed everything, but He didn’t. He took time to repair the issue. Speaks to His long-suffering nature.

Salvation is your justification. Our changing is our sanctification.

Popcorn and heating up the inside, not the outside.

The treasure really is already yours. Tooth fairy story and her son’s birthday stash.

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