Are You Afraid Of The Light?

Growing up, there was a popular television series called Are You Afraid Of The Dark? The show aired on the Nickelodeon TV channel.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? was a horror anthology group of teenagers who were called “The Midnight Society.” The Midnight Society would gather in the woods and then each person would begin to tell their own scary story.

Nothing in the show was particularly scary, especially now as an adult. However, as a child, these shows could be terrifying.

We’ve been brought up to be afraid of the dark. So much of our world is covered in the darkness that we may be right to be scared when it is dark outside.

However, as we grow up, I believe we become afraid of something else…

Are You Afraid Of The Light?

In The Traveler’s Gift, Andy Andrews wrote, “As children, we were afraid of the dark. Now, as adults, we are afraid of the light. We are afraid to step out. We are afraid to become more.”

I’m amazed at how we change from being scared of the dark to being scared of the light. I believe we become scared of the light because the light can reveal the truth about us. People will see us as we indeed are.

When we’re in the dark, our faults and foibles are hidden. The truth about us is hidden or obscured.

The light doesn’t have to be a scary place. We can step into the light. Today, I want you to remove your fear of the light and step into what you’re becoming.

How To Embrace The Light

The light is a scary place only if we continue to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves. When we realize everyone else has problems, we can understand we’re not freaks, scary, or unlovable. Instead, we discover that we face the same struggles, challenges, and obstacles everyone else does.

To embrace the light, I want to encourage you to do the following:

1. Stop hiding:

We all hide behind something. Whether it is the fashion style we bring to the office, an attitude of superiority or even a jovial spirit, or a closed door. We put up these walls to prevent ourselves from being hurt.

You’ve got to step out from behind these facades or hiding places. They’re not doing you any good. In fact, they’re hurting your ability to lead.

Decide today that you will no longer put up walls that prevent people from seeing who you truly are.

2. Accept your faults AND strengths:

I remember being afraid to show people my skills and talents growing up. I thought I wasn’t being humble if I were to perform well.

What horrible baggage to carry.

We have faults. We also have strengths.

I still struggle with this idea today but I am working on improving myself in this area. I want you to feel comfortable here too.

Look at yourself. What strengths do you bring to the table? How do they benefit others? Start using those strengths to be a blessing and help to those you lead and those in your life.

When you accept you have faults and strengths, you’re going to step into the light. You’ll be scared but the more you do it, the more you discover people desire your strengths.

3. Ask others what makes you unique:

The world has kicked us down enough that we no longer see what makes us unique. Good news: Those around you don’t have that problem.

Your friends and family know what your strengths and talents are. They see the positive things that make you unique.

Step out of your comfort zone. Ask your family and friends what they see in you. They will tell you.

Their words will encourage you. They will help you see yourself as a positive force in the world.

Step Into The Light

Stepping into the light is scary. You’re putting yourself out there. You may even fail.

Yet, you will fail if you do nothing. If you continue to hide, cower, and hunker down in fear of who you are, you will not truly experience the fullness of life you’ve been given.

Step into the light today. Show the world who you are. The world will be better for it.

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