9 Signs You’re A Leader

I’ve met many people who live unassuming lives. Going through the routines and taking care of business.

Many times they feel they’re not adding value to others or they lack the ability to lead.

In reality, they couldn’t be more wrong. The young, stay-at-home mom, the sophomore high school student, or the desk jockey.

Each one has value and the ability to lead.

The qualities of leaders can be very subtle. Look for it and you’ll find at least three or four that are present in your life.

  1. You make decisions: While you may not have the loudest voice, you have the opportunity to speak up and make a decision. Leaders make decisions. Choose to decide.
  2. You have followers: Everyone has someone who follows them. The stay-at-home mom has her children. The quiet student has other students studying their habits. Look around and you’ll see others following you.
  3. You go where others have not: Leaders chose to go to new destinations. Are you finding yourself in places others don’t know about yet? You may be a leader.
  4. You speak up: Do you see injustice happening and speak up? You’re taking a stand and helping another person. This is another sign of leadership.
  5. You experience failure: This is a tough one. Leaders often face failures so don’t fret if you’re in a period of failure. You’re in good company.
  6. You know failure doesn’t define you: While leaders experience failure, they also know it doesn’t define them. Pick yourself up and get back in the game.
  7. You value relationships: Relationships have a place in leadership. Are you building them? Look for ways to create new relationships.
  8. You have a vision for the future: Creating vision and a plan for your future takes initiative. Leaders do this all the time. Begin crafting your vision and take action!
  9. You seek wisdom: You always find time to cram a little learning into your day. Leaders are constantly seeking guidance and wisdom.

Question: What other signs of leadership would you add to this list? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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