5 Ways To Show Love To Your Employees

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the day of looooooove. It’s not a day that many in the workplace think about in ways that impact their employees.

I want to change that. I believe love is a strong sign of outstanding leadership.

When people feel cared for and loved, they stick around. I believe more leaders need to love their employees in appropriate ways.

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When you love your employees, it changes things. Joel Manby, the author of Love Works, says” “Leading with love grows the bottom line and respects employees, demands accountability, and gives second chances. In short, it’s a powerful way to transform the way you lead and the culture of your organization.”

So, how do you lead with love and show employees you love them? You do the following five things.

5 Ways To Show Love To Your Employees

1. Be flexible:

The workplace has changed dramatically. Gone are rigid structures, and now there are loose structures that can seem flimsy.

You don’t have to be as flexible as a wet noodle, but you need to be flexible, like Gumby. You bend but not enough to hurt.

How can you be flexible with your employees? Allow paid time off for doctor visits, kids’ soccer games, etc… Or find ways to allow them to work from home when needed.

Flexibility shows you trust and care about your team. Give them the flexibility they need. After all, you’re flexible with yourself.

2. Connect with them:

Leadership expert Lolly Daskal says that leaders need to make time to connect with their employees. She knows you’re already busy with all of your responsibilities, but connection should be one of those responsibilities. Employees appreciate the time you take to connect and get to know them.

Work on creating connections in the workplace. One simple thing you can do is have lunch with your team members. Or talk to them. Find out their spouse’s name, children’s names, pet names, and more. The more you connect, the more you relate.

3. Tell them they’re doing a good job:

It’s challenging to continue working hard when you don’t know how you’re performing. Your team may be killing it, but they don’t know if you don’t let them know.

Take the time to share with them the positive work you see them doing. Mention these things in passing. Let them know you notice that they’re doing a good job.

This will raise morale and help your employees know they’re doing what needs to be done. Letting them know you notice their good work can be a way to curb quiet quitting.

4. Discover their love language:

Gary Chapman wrote The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate. Now, your team members are not your mate, but you do spend a lot of time with them. Chapman knows this and tweaked his book for the workplace with a new edition called The 5 Languages Of Appreciation In The Workplace.

Everyone has a unique love language they respond to. Chapman shares that there are 5 Love Languages. They are:

  • Words Of Affirmation
  • Acts Of Service
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Physical Touch

In the workplace, love languages might be shown in different ways. Physical touch, for instance, can be tricky. One way to give physical touch is to provide a high five to an employee. You have to make sure you’re avoiding anything sexual in the workplace.

When you find their love language, you will begin to help them feel like they’re seen and cared for. Love languages can go a long way in shaping your organization’s culture.

5. Give a bonus:

Times are more challenging now than they have been in quite some time. Inflation is increasing, bills are piling up, and your employees are wondering how they can make it until their next paycheck.

What can you do to show them you love them? Help take care of them by giving them a bonus.

Tina Kearns, the owner of Acrylic Warehouse, shared that a bonus is a great way to appreciate your employees. She states that a bonus helps them know that you value their work.

If possible, find a way to give a bonus. It doesn’t have to be monetary. You could give a bonus day off or provide a gym perk.

Love Your People

People want to be loved. They need to be loved. You have the opportunity to love on the people you lead.

Use one or all of the ways mentioned above to show your team how much you love them. When you show them you love them, they will respond!

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