5 Reasons To Attend Catalyst Atlanta Next Week!

Attend one of the best leadership conferences around

Whoa! Can you believe the Catalyst Leadership Conference (click the link to check out my Catalyst 2016 recap) in Atlanta is happening next week? Neither can I!

Yet it is. And the team at Catalyst puts on one of the best leadership conferences you can attend. Especially if you’re a church leader.

Catalyst is a 2-day conference dedicated to helping leaders grow strong teams, build great churches, and be the catalyst of change you want to be.

Speaker lineup for Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Of Good Courage

I’ve attended the Catalyst conference for the last 6 or 7 years. Every year I walk away with my mind blown. No doubt, this year will be the same.

The theme for Catalyst Atlanta 2017 is Of Good Courage. That alone should be a reason for attending the Catalyst conference. But I’m honestly excited for the theme.

Courage is something I lack at times. I get fearful of change or of moving positions. I even am timid when it comes time to lead teams. Are you ever fearful and need courage?

I bet you do. And that’s what Catalyst is aiming to do this year. Help you build up the courage to lead well.

5 Reasons To Attend Catalyst Atlanta 2017

1. The amazing speaker lineup:

Andy Stanley, Brene Brown, Tim Tebow, Robert Madu, Daniel Pink, Bill Hybels, Bob Goff, Carlos Whittaker, Jeremy Courtney, and many more will be at the conference speaking. These men and women KNOW leadership. Andy Stanley is the pastor at one of the fastest growing churches in the United States. Daniel Pink is the best-selling author of To Sell Is Human. Bob Goff is an all-around great guy and author of Love Does.

With this amazing lineup of conference speakers, you will walk away inspired. You will walk away knowing the next steps to becoming a better leader.

2. The city of Atlanta!:

One of the things I love about Catalyst Atlanta is Pam and I get to take a road trip to the beautiful city of Atlanta. We get to tour the sights and see big-city life.

There’s plenty to do in Atlanta. Check out a previous article about the things to do while in Atlanta.

3. The food:

I know I’ve already mentioned that there’s plenty to do in Atlanta. But I think Atlanta’s food should get its own section as a reason to attend Catalyst Atlanta.

Catalyst brings in food trucks for the event. You can’t go wrong with food trucks. Yet there’s more.

Atlanta is full of great restaurants. Some of Pam and I’s favorites are:

California Dreaming (Where the Influencer Meetup At Catalyst will take place)

The Varsity

Marlow’s Tavern (Go there! Get the fish tacos. My favorite)

Arena Tavern (Shrimp and grits. Need I say more?)

Breakers Korean BBQ and Grill (Our good friend Paul Sohn of Qara.org brought us there last year and it was divine)

Regardless of your food preference, there is something for you to enjoy while in Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference. Go, get your eat on.

4. The Catalyst Conference will shoot a firehose of leadership insights at you:

You don’t want to attend a conference and walk away without becoming a better leader. You don’t have to worry about that with the Catalyst Conference.

Every leader who attends the conference walks away with enough new leadership insights to start a revolution. Go and be ready to grow your leadership.

 5. The people:

One of my favorite things about conferences is the people you can meet. Catalyst is full of awesome people.

From bloggers to church leaders to business leaders, everyone gets together at Catalyst and has a great time. I even help host a gathering of influencers to bring together the Catalyst community.

The Influencer Meetup at Catalyst is happening on October 5th at 5 PM. You can get the details for the Influencer Meetup at the Eventbrite page.

If you’re an early attendee, you will even get to bring home some books. This more than makes up for the ticket price!

On top of that, you get to meet me! How cool is that?!?

6. You can still get a discounted Catalyst Atlanta ticket:

I know I said 5 reasons but I had to create a sixth. The sixth is probably the best reason as it involves the cost of your ticket.

Wait, what? You thought I wouldn’t want to hook up my readers with a discounted ticket to Catalyst? Well, I am. And it’s a decent sized discount.

For those of you who waited until the last minute, you can get $100 off of your Catalyst ticket by registering here and entering the code JOSEPHLALONDE. This will take your price from $299 down to $199.

There’s more than these 5 (or 6) reasons to attend the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta but then I’d have to go on and on. You don’t want that. You just wanted to know WHY you should attend the Catalyst Conference. I gave you some great reasons. And I hope to see you there (If you do make it to the conference or are in the Atlanta area, hit me up. I want to meet you!).

Question: Are you going to the Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta? Let me know if you are in the comment section below and we’ll figure out a way to connect!

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