4 Websites That Will Help You Land A Podcast Interview

Reaching out to podcast hosts can be a difficult task. You may have reached out to the host at one point but never heard back. Worse, you may not even know who to reach out to.

The good news is that plenty of websites will help you share your message with the world.

Knowing what these sites are will help you get on a podcast show. Today, I want to help you find great podcasts to share your message on.

We’ll look at 4 different websites that help you become a guest on a podcast.

4 Websites That Will Help You Land A Podcast Interview


I’ve been using PodMatch for months. They’ve been a great tool to share my message about leadership, personal development, and Reel Leadership.

Every day, they give you four matches that you can review. You can either accept them or reject the match.

These matches mean you have the opportunity to see over 120 different possible podcast matches.

PodMatch is the website I’ve landed a majority of my podcast interviews. It’ll help you step up, step out, and share your message.

Get started on PodMatch by clicking here.


PodBooker is another excellent website to find a podcast you’d like to be a guest on. They offer up multiple different podcasts that you can reach out to.

Their website states that 1 in 4 requests are accepted. This means it is a numbers game, but you can play the game and win.

Find the right podcast to be a guest on, and you’ll find yourself enjoying yourself!

Get started on PodBooker.


I’ve received and responded to emails from RadioGuestList for a considerable time. They send out regular emails to those subscribed.

Each email contains a short list of podcasts looking for potential guests. You look at the list, see if any podcasts catch your interest, and then reach out to the podcast to see if they’ll have you as a guest.

Their website isn’t the prettiest or easiest to navigate. Don’t worry about that. Instead, focus on the quality of podcasts they offer and find a podcast that works for you.

Get started on RadioGuestList.


PodcastGuests boasts a large user base with over 35,000 users. These users are podcast hosts and guests.

Everyone there is looking for something. Why not make that you?

Every Monday and Thursday, PodcastGuests sends out an email to potential guests. The email contains a list of podcasts looking for guests.

When you receive the email, it’s your time to shine. You’ll fill out a connection form, see if you’re a match, and then connect with the podcast once you are confirmed.

It’s a great way to share your message!

Get started on PodcastGuests.

Being A Podcast Guest

Everyone wants to share a message. Especially leaders.

You’ve gained a wealth of knowledge throughout your years leading various organizations. You should be sharing that knowledge.

There are a few things to remember when being a podcast guest. They are:

  • Make sure your message fits the podcast audience
  • Prepare for the interview by listening to previous podcast episodes
  • Have a quality microphone such as a Blue Yeti or Rode NT-USB
  • Be on time
  • Thank the podcast hose
  • Share the episode once it is released
  • Deliver great content

Being a podcast guest helps you. Your presence also helps the host of the podcast. Being a great podcast guest gives them content to distribute and makes their job easier.

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