3 Ways To Love Your Position

The longer you’re in a leadership position, the easier it can be to begin to feel disillusioned with everything. You get tired of the responsibility. You get tired of the loneliness leadership brings. And you feel discouraged because things aren’t going well.

Yeah, leadership can be challenging. But you can still love your position of leadership, regardless of your actual position.

How do you love your position? You can do the three things listed below.

3 Ways To Love Your Position

1. Remember where you came from:

It is so easy to forget where we originally came from. Maybe you worked your way up from a stock clerk at the local Target supercenter. You then entered into entry-level management. From there, you exited the company to start your own.

It’s a struggle. But, looking back, you see how hard you’ve worked. You see how much you’ve advanced. And you see the freedom you now have.

We can see our growth, the new benefits, and where the future leads when we look back. Looking back can help you to love your position.

2. See who you’ve helped:

We forget that leaders help people succeed. We give them the tools, resources, and encouragement to get things done.

Keep a file of the things you’ve done and the people you’ve helped. These are great reminders that you’re doing something important. Keep the file handy for when you’re having one of those off days and you don’t love leadership.

When you’re able to see a record of helping, you will be encouraged.

3. Step away:

You don’t have to step away from your position entirely but you do need to step away when you begin to feel the love begin to wane. You might want to take that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of. Or you set a time limit on how long you will be in the office every day.

Stepping away helps you recharge. It helps you do the things you love things that may have been ignored because of your workload.

Stepping away isn’t a bad thing. It is a necessary thing.

Step away. Recharge. Come back renewed.

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