12 Things You May Not Know About Me

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Seeing as today is December 12th, the twelfth day of the twelfth month, I wanted to do a special post.

I am going to make the post more personal and give you a glimpse into who I am. Today, you will learn of my likes, my history, and my past.

Prepare for twelve things you may not know about me.


  1. I have a deep love of music:
    My musical tastes run a wide gamut. From Third Day, to Casting Crowns, to MxPx, or Squad Five-O. I have a love of all things musical.

    Growing up, there was rarely a weekend that I was not at a concert. There were several great venues that bands were able to play at. The most memorable concert venues were The Underground in Jenison, Skelletones in downtown Grand Rapids, and Palmer Hall in Muskegon.
  2. I started a Christian music record label:
    This happened in the early 2000’s. When I made a return to the church of my youth, I ran into a couple of old friends. One of those was Shawn Vaughan. He, too, had a love of music. After a brief discussion we decided that we would launch a record label. It was a great time of learning and growing.
  3. I have lived in three houses:
    There have only been three houses that I have lived in. My parents home, the home my wife and I rented when we were newly married, and our current home. My hope is that we are here for quite some time as I dislike moving.
  4. I like to work on my own vehicles:
    There is something about working on your own vehicles that is empowering. To know that you are working with your hands and making something work. To get the dirt and grim under under your fingernails. There is no other feeling like it.
  5. I love to sell merchandise:
    Whether on Ebay, CraigsList, or in person, I love to sell merchandise. Some of the things I have sold include music posters, action figures, and electronics. It is invigorating to find the deal and then make a deal.
  6. I love to shoot handguns:
    I know this is not for everyone, but it is an activity that I enjoy. My wife and I often go to our in-laws and having a round of target practice. They have a nice parcel of land that is great for squeezing off a few rounds. As you learn to group your shots, the feeling of accomplishment is great. We have found it to be a great form of stress relief.
  7. I enjoy Geocaching:
    I discovered Geocaching just over eight years ago. Geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt that makes use of GPS units. Geocaching is the activity that rekindled my love for the great outdoors. It has brought me to many great areas that I would have never know about. State parks, nature preserves, and more. There is a thrill you get when you find a geocache stashed in a public area. You are finding items that the normal person overlooks everyday.
  8. My favorite candy is Peanut(or Almond) M&Ms:
    I admit, I am an addict for these tasty, chocolate treats. If there are M&Ms out, I will walk by and grab a handful… I will probably make at least one return trip to the bowl too.
  9. I am a techie:
    My friends and family come to me for advice about the latest and greatest electronic gadgets. They also come to me for technical support issues. I enjoy fixing broken things.
  10. I have an addictive personality:
    If I attempt an activity and like it, I am normally hooked. That has happened with Geocaching, skydiving, the outdoors, etc.. If it catches my fancy, I am easily addicted.
  11. My favorite cartoon growing up was Voltron:
    Odd and random, I know. But it was. Voltron was awesome when I was young. Five lions that became one giant robot was the epitome of awesome. However, I have been disappointed to find out that it did not age as well as I remember it.
  12. I am very frugal:
    I love finding deals and have a hard time spending my money on a full priced item. My friends and family have a saying about me: “If it is on sale or free, it is for Joe”. I feel I am getting better but I also feel like I need to be responsible with the money I have been blessed with.

Well, that wraps up my 12 Things You May Not Know About Me. I hope you enjoyed becoming better acquainted with who I am. Wednesday, we will return to our regularly scheduled posting.

Question: What is something that most people do not know about you? Please share your answer in the comment section below so that we can get to know each other better.


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