Make Every Day Special

Ruts are easy to get into.

We begin with thinking that everyone is out to get us or maybe it’s that no one is for you. We let the negative thoughts slip into our minds.

Doing so hurts us in more ways than one. But a major way our negative thoughts robs us is in the way it makes our days less special.

What makes your day special?

Simple pleasures make every day special

Every Day Is Special

Even in the mundaneness of our days, each day we have is something marvelous.

Most of us are able to run and jump and play and have fun. We are able to take deep breaths of fresh air. We’re able to look up and see the bright blue sky or the awe-inspiring darkness of night.

Each day brings about new miracles. Whether it’s a new client or landing a big deal. The miracle could also be that you see your special nephew or you’re able to see a bird in flight.

I’m always amazed when I begin to focus on the small beauties of the world that turn out to be some of the most amazing things we could imagine.

How To Make Each Day Special

You know it, I know it. Today is freaking awesome. But it’s all in how you look at it.

You can make today the best day ever or you can sit around and make it the worst day of your life.

The choice is up to you. You can make the day special or you can think your day sucks.

But how? How can you make it special?

Realize today is a gift: There’s never going to be a day like today. Once these 1,440 minutes are over, so is the day. You can’t get it back. Each second of the day is unique. Revel in that!

Look for the wonders of God’s creation: When I look around, I see all sorts of wonder in creation.

From the fish that swim in my pond to the ability to drive a vehicle. Something cool is happening all around us.

Listen to great music: As I’m typing this blog post, I’m listening to The O.C. Supertones. They were a Christian ska band that rocked my socks back in the day. They still bring me great joy.

But that’s not what makes it so special. Think about music. It has to be conceived of in someone’s mind. They then have to make an instrument recreate the sounds they’re thinking of. Next, they have to record the music. And then it has to be transmitted through sound waves to our ears. That is fascinating!

Step outside: Many of us are trapped inside for 8+ hours a day. After our shift at work, we then retreat to the safety of our homes where we neglect the beauty of outdoors.

When you step outdoors, you begin to see a world that’s wide open. The world is teeming with life. There’s action and stillness at the same time.

As you realize this, you begin to see how special nature is and how it can bring something special to you every day.

When you begin to look for what’s special in your day, you can see it’s not the grand and fancy things of life. No, what’s special in your day is the simple things.

Nature, life, music, family, friends. Focusing on these aspects of your life is what makes your day special.

Question: Do you believe every day is special? Why or why not? I want to discuss this with you in the comment section below.

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