3 Ways To Live Rightly

In the movie Immortals, Theseus was content with getting by on just living life. He had nothing he was truly living for.

That all changed when his village was raided and destroyed.

Seeing his fellow peasants murdered before his eyes, something changed. He knew he needed to live for something more.

He needed to live rightly.

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Living a good life. It’s something that we all want. To enjoy the life we’ve been given.

But is that all there is to our lives? To just live a good one?

It’s not living as such that’s important, Theseus. It’s living rightly.

I think there’s something more important than just living a good life. It’s living rightly.

While it most likely won’t require you to fight against an evil army like Theseus, living rightly requires more of you than the common man.

What does this mean? Everyone will have a different definition but I think we can all agree on some basic tenets on what it means to live rightly.

  • To give of yourself
    Giving of yourself requires selflessness. You must be willing to put yourself aside and give of your time, your energy, and your money.

    By doing so you will be blessing others and creating a greater good.

    You will touch lives.  You will create a cause to follow. You will be a blessing.

  • To serve others
    Look around and see who’s hurting. Who’s needy. Who’s ready for help.

    Reach out to the needy and hurting. Offer to serve them, even when they cannot repay you.

    Jesus, one of the greatest leaders in history, chose to serve others.

    He said in Matthew 20:28- “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

    If he, the most righteous man that ever lived, made it a purpose to serve others it’s something we need to be doing.

  • To keep your word
    Have you ever been careless with keeping your word?

    I know I have. I’ve made promises and not followed through. It can be tough.

    But it’s something we need to focus on.

    How can we live rightly when we’re saying one thing and doing another? It creates a false identity. One that is not right.

    Commit to keeping your word and following through with your promises.

Look for ways today to live rightly. Whether it be through the three tips I presented in this post or through some other way.

The only true way to live is to live rightly.

Rightly with God. With Family. With others.

If you’re able to do this, you’ll be one step closer to changing the world. Go out and do it today.

“He who postpones the hour of living rightly is like the rustic who waits for the river to run out before he crosses.”
― Horace

Question: How are you living rightly? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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