Give Me A Break

Do you ever get that tired feeling? You know what I’m talking about.

That feeling that you can’t go on. You’ve consumed enough. Or you’ve done enough work.

It’s just draining.

Image By Pedro Ribeiro Simões

“These guys work pretty hard, so if they need to take a break we let them take a break, especially this time of year when we are really really busy.”
–David Berry

That’s the feeling I had today while going through my daily blog reading.

My eyes started to hurt. I felt exhausted. I didn’t want to keep reading.

And you know what?

I stopped reading. I closed the browser tabs. I changed what I was doing. I went from reading blog posts to creating a new blog post.

The best thing about this? I felt better. Energy returned. I had a renewed vigor.

Today, I’m giving you the permission to stop.

It’s okay to take a break.

To stop doing that which makes you tired. That saps your energy. That bores you.

Once you stop the activity that is draining you, enter into an activity that renews you.

That activity could be writing a new blog post, going out and exercising, or spending time with a good friend.

Whatever it is, take time to do that. Let it reinvigorate your energy.

But remember…

Once you’ve taken the break, you’ve got to get back to work.

When you return to that task that was draining earlier in the day, it won’t be nearly as bad.

You’ve taken the time to tend to yourself. You’ve given yourself a shot of energy. You can plow through that task.

“We believe by breaking these talks into phases, we will achieve better results. People can take a break and come back refreshed.”
— Kong Quan

Question: Do you ever have activities that you need to accomplish and just feel drained? How do you respond to these draining activities? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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