3 Ways To Enhance Problem-Solving Skills In Leadership

Every day, you will encounter problems. Some little, some big. All needing an answer. 

So, how do you problem-solve? How do you handle the situations and issues that arise every day?

The greatest mistake we make is teaching our children to memorize things without even understanding,
Instead of teaching them problem solving and critical thinking.”
― Mouloud Benzadi

Some people handle it poorly. They make bad decisions, get angry, frustrated, lash out at others. That’s not how a great leader problem solves. 

They do the following 3 actions to get through the problems of the day.

3 Ways To Enhance Problem-Solving Skills In Leadership

Ask for feedback:

Everyone can improve upon their problem-solving skills. This can be a struggle if you don’t know what you’re looking to improve.

This is why asking for feedback from those around you can help you take your problem-solving skills to the next level.

After being involved in a situation that included problem-solving, ask those in the room how the situation could have been better. Let them share their insights and thoughts about the situation. Their ideas and words can help you tweak what you bring to the table. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

Think about your choices in previous situations:

We all encounter problems that have to be rectified. Sometimes we do this well. Other times, we fail completely. Yet, there’s not a failure if you learn from those situations.

Reflect upon both the times you succeeded and failed in solving a problem. What did you do right? What went poorly? Why did things go the way they did? How can you improve the process?

All of these thoughts will help you enhance your problem-solving skills.

Seek out other problem solvers:

There’s nothing like having a mentor to improve your problem-solving skills. There are people who are experts in the field of problem-solving. Seek these masters out.

Ask them to take you under their wing. Or find a course or book that they’ve produced. Their past work can help you grow your skills even if you can’t get a face-to-face meeting with them. 

Use the works of others to become the problem-solver you’ve desired to be.

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