How 3 Questions Can Change Your Leadership

As a man of faith, I believe God can change our lives for the better. Through Him we receive the ability to persevere and have hope for a better tomorrow.

In 2 Chairs: The Secret That Changes Everything, Bob Beaudine’s latest book, Bob shares 3 questions that will disrupt our lives. I believe these 3 questions can also change your leadership.

2 Chairs and 3 questions to change your life

The 3 Questions That Will Change Everything

The premise behind 2 Chairs is that we need to spend time conversing, not just talking TO, God. By using 2 chairs we will have a visual representation of our conversation with God.

This is an amazing premise. Yet, I love what Bob’s mother shared with him at one point in his life.

What were those questions?

1. Does God know your situation?

2. Is it too hard for Him to handle?

3. Does He have a good plan for you?

These 3 questions can be a game changer for you when you latch onto the truth behind them. Let’s dig a little deeper into the meat of the 3 questions that will change the way you lead.

How These 3 Questions Will Change Your Leadership

Question 1 is: Does God know your situation? At first glance, this question seems so simple. Any believer will tell you that God knows what you’re going through.

However, so many of us don’t live our lives in a way that shows He knows what we’re going through.

We cower in fear when trouble comes. We flee from our struggles. And we doubt there will be good days ahead.

As Christ followers, we need to live our lives like we believe God knows what’s going on. He knows. And He cares.

This is where question 2 comes into play: Is it too hard for Him to handle?

Ouch! This one hurt when I first thought about it. Can God really guide me through the death of my dog? Will God take care of the youth group I’ve left behind? Or what about the struggles we face at the office? Can God deal with that?

Of course He can. He’s God and He’s for us.

Since He can handle every situation that comes our way, what about question 3: Does He have a good plan for me/you?

In the midst of our storms, seeing God’s plan can be hard. We are wiping away tears, fighting back doubt, and dealing with our crumbling world. Nothing seems good in the moment.

But God does have a plan for your life. He knows you. He even knows your name.

Not only does He know you and your name, He has a plan for you. That plan is GOOD.

When we begin to realize what the answers to each of the 3 questions from 2 Chairs are, we can begin to transform the way we lead.

You no longer need to lead from a position of fear. No, you can lead from a position of knowing your God knows your situation.

You no longer have to wonder if you can handle your problems. You can’t but He can. Hand over those struggles.

You no longer have to wonder what the future holds. Your future has been seen by God and your future is good. He has a good plan for you.

Hold fast to these questions whenever you begin to fear. Come back and remind yourself of who your God is and what His plans are for you. Then move forward with confidence.

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Question: What can answering the 3 questions do to your leadership? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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