Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Beverly Hills Ninja

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Beverly Hills Ninja was one of Chris Farley’s last movies. There were only two other movies released after this that the funny man starred in.

Prior to writing this article, I’d never watched Beverly Hills Ninja. After watching the movie, I am sad I did not watch it.

Beverly Hills Ninja was a great piece of physical comedy film.

Chris Farley as Haru in Beverly Hills Ninja. Doing a Ninja move.

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Farley plays an inept ninja named Haru. He washed up on the shore and a ninja clan took him in. They believed he would fulfill the prophecy of the great white ninja.

Boy, were they ever wrong.

This didn’t stop Haru from trying to become a great ninja. He tried, tried, and tried some more. All of his hard work never paid off. It only got him deeper into trouble.

You Are Not A Failure

I’ve been pondering the topic of failure lately. There’s an idea out there that when something you do fails, you are a failure.

YOU are not a failure. You are something special. When something you do fails, it does not change who you are.

Let’s talk about failure. I know a lot about failure.

When Pamela and I first married, we bought a house. I lost my job a month or two after we purchased our first home. It’s the home we still live in but we had the full mortgage to take care of while Pamela worked long hours and I tried to find work.

I felt like a failure as a husband.

This didn’t make me a failure. I only felt that way.

Are We Ignoring The Big Things?

I’ve written regularly about the power of the little things to move us forward in our careers and lives. These are the small, daily actions we take. They seem so insignificant that if we miss them, we get off track?

Once we realize this, our focus can shift from our big picture to the minute details. And that’s great. We need to make sure we’re focusing on the small things before they get out of hand.

A large rock in the swells of a wave

Photo by Simon Shim on Unsplash


We can’t ignore the big things in our lives either.

Are We Ignoring The Big Things?

I will be the first to throw up my hand and say that I’ve missed the mark. In looking at the small things in life, I’ve missed many big things too.

The big things can be:

  • A looming project
  • Monetizing my business

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Free Guy

A Reel Leadership Article

This weekend saw the release of Free Guy, a new Ryan Reynolds movie. Free Guy’s premise is that an NPC (non-playable character in video game speak) suddenly becomes self-aware. He no longer follows the programming he was given.

This leads to hilarity as Guy discovers he can choose to do what he wants to do. Instead of choosing a life of crime, Guy chooses to help people. He quickly levels up in his pursuit of the beautiful Millie/Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer).

Ryan Reynolds as Guy in Free Guy. Chaos reigning in background

Free Guy leads us on quite the tale. It’s funny, suspenseful, and even includes a bit of a love story for the ladies.

As usual, Free Guy is not only those things. Free Guy is more than entertainment. Free Guy is full of leadership lessons.