Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Protégé

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The Protégé stars Samuel L. Jackson as the assassin Moody. His protégé is Anna (Maggie Q). When Moody is apparently assassinated, Anna goes on a hunt for his killer and revenge.

The movie is full of action, entertainment, and, important to Reel Leadership, leadership lessons.

Maggie Q and Samuel L. Jackson in The Protege

You will be brought back in time. Then be brought forward again. You will see Anna tangle with bad guys such as Michael Keaton’s Rembrandt, Patrick Malahide’s Vohl, and David Rintoul’s Edward Hayes.

Now, it’s time to jump into Reel Leadership. Let’s discover the leadership lessons in The Protégé.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Protégé

1. Figure out why your team stopped being dependable:

Moody finds a young girl (a young Anna) hiding in a closet amidst mass causalities. She’s scared and holding a gun. She pulls the trigger and it just clicks.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In September 2021

There’s a never-ending great wealth of information to be found in books. Every month, I bring you a list of great titles that will help you either professionally, personally, or spiritually.

This month I am bringing you 5 titles that you need to read ASAP.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In September 2021

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1. On The Edge by Alison Levine:

Alison shares her story of climbing Mount Everest and relates the journey to that of a leader. Every step of her adventure, Alison discovers something new about herself, those she is climbing with, and leadership.

If you love adventure, the great outdoors, and leadership, pick up On The Edge.

Are Your Asks Too Small?

A local business owner reached out to me during my Indiegogo campaign for the Reel Leadership book pre-sale (pre-sale ends August 30th at 3 AM EST). He wanted to know what he could do to help the campaign be successful.

I rattled off a couple of things he could do that were on the top of my head. He could:

  • Share the Indiegogo campaign with people he knows
  • Like the posts that I was sharing about the book
  • Pray for success

These were small asks. Something simple I felt anyone could do. They were also small. TOO small.

After I shared with him my ideas, he said “Is that all?” And I was like “I think so…”

This businessman then replied that he had an idea he was willing to do. He asked me:

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Beverly Hills Ninja

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Beverly Hills Ninja was one of Chris Farley’s last movies. There were only two other movies released after this that the funny man starred in.

Prior to writing this article, I’d never watched Beverly Hills Ninja. After watching the movie, I am sad I did not watch it.

Beverly Hills Ninja was a great piece of physical comedy film.

Chris Farley as Haru in Beverly Hills Ninja. Doing a Ninja move.

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Farley plays an inept ninja named Haru. He washed up on the shore and a ninja clan took him in. They believed he would fulfill the prophecy of the great white ninja.

Boy, were they ever wrong.

This didn’t stop Haru from trying to become a great ninja. He tried, tried, and tried some more. All of his hard work never paid off. It only got him deeper into trouble.

You Are Not A Failure

I’ve been pondering the topic of failure lately. There’s an idea out there that when something you do fails, you are a failure.

YOU are not a failure. You are something special. When something you do fails, it does not change who you are.

Let’s talk about failure. I know a lot about failure.

When Pamela and I first married, we bought a house. I lost my job a month or two after we purchased our first home. It’s the home we still live in but we had the full mortgage to take care of while Pamela worked long hours and I tried to find work.

I felt like a failure as a husband.

This didn’t make me a failure. I only felt that way.