5 Books Leaders Should Read In September 2021

There’s a never-ending great wealth of information to be found in books. Every month, I bring you a list of great titles that will help you either professionally, personally, or spiritually.

This month I am bringing you 5 titles that you need to read ASAP.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In September 2021

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1. On The Edge by Alison Levine:

Alison shares her story of climbing Mount Everest and relates the journey to that of a leader. Every step of her adventure, Alison discovers something new about herself, those she is climbing with, and leadership.

If you love adventure, the great outdoors, and leadership, pick up On The Edge.

2. Cape, Spandex, Briefcase by David Kahn:

Cape, Spandex, Briefcase is similar to Reel Leadership in the sense that David finds leadership lessons through the adventures of superheroes. I discovered Cape, Spandex, Briefcase as I was interviewing leaders for Reel Leadership.

David’s book is done in a parable/fable style. It’s a quick read and you will discover powerful lessons in this book.

3. Wooden On Leadership by John Wooden & Steve Jamison:

Wooden On Leadership takes a look at the leadership style and ideas of coach John Wooden. This exploration of Wooden’s leadership style will either challenge you to change the way you lead or confirm that a gentler leadership style is possible.

Check out Wooden On Leadership at Amazon.

4. The Five Thieves Of Happiness by John Izzo:

What if happiness was our natural state and we’ve lost that? This is the premise behind John’s book The Five Thieves Of Happiness.

John explores five different things that will steal our happiness. It’s an insightful book into the ways our happiness is stolen.

You can purchase The Five Thieves Of Happiness here.

5. Tribes by Seth Godin:

Do you want to build a bigger following? Not for your own good but because you know it is better?

Tribes is for you. Seth helps us understand the way to rally employees, friends, and others around a common idea.

This book is a classic you can’t afford to pick up.

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