Are We Ignoring The Big Things?

I’ve written regularly about the power of the little things to move us forward in our careers and lives. These are the small, daily actions we take. They seem so insignificant that if we miss them, we get off track?

Once we realize this, our focus can shift from our big picture to the minute details. And that’s great. We need to make sure we’re focusing on the small things before they get out of hand.

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We can’t ignore the big things in our lives either.

Are We Ignoring The Big Things?

I will be the first to throw up my hand and say that I’ve missed the mark. In looking at the small things in life, I’ve missed many big things too.

The big things can be:

  • A looming project
  • Monetizing my business
  • Paying our taxes

What happens to me is that I find myself working on the small details of a project. I discover that I really like what I’m working on. I then begin to focus completely on the small tasks.

While toiling away on the small task, the big thing, the big picture is waiting to move forward.

It’s easy to get caught up in the small things. They can take our time and focus away from the bigger things. We have to learn how to manage both of these things.

What can you do to make sure you’re not focusing on the small things too much and ignoring the big things? You can:

  • Have a checklist of progress – Make sure you’re completing everything on the list, not the things you like. Also, ensure that these small things are actually moving you forward toward the big thing. If the important things aren’t being checked off, you’re not making progress.
  • Check with others – We can get lost in what we’re doing. Maybe it’s the state of flow as Cal Newport would call it. Maybe we don’t want to come up for air. But we must. We have to have some stopping point and I’ve found that checking in with those I work with can help me stay focused on the big picture. Use the buddy system to make sure you’re on track.
  • Step aside – I recommend stepping aside from projects that you’re working on from time to time. This may be to look at a new project or to consider a thought you’ve had. Stepping aside can help you refocus and analyze what you’re working on and give you new ideas.

We have to make sure we continue to move forward on the big things in our lives and organizations. We cannot simply focus on the small things. We have to make sure the big things are being worked on.

Let’s stop ignoring the big things. Let’s start working on them with intense focus.

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