True Friendship Is Painful

Is there a sadder thing than a man who believes he has die-hard friends only to discover those friends really weren’t his friends?

People believe they have great friendships all the time. These so-called friends lap praise upon praise. They’re told they can do no wrong…

What is a true friend?

My question: Is that really a friendship? Or is it a recipe for disaster?

Real Friends Do This

Having people who tell you how great you are, feels good. Real good.

Our egos get a boost. We feel like we’re on cloud 9. We might be.

And real friends do give us compliments and encourage us. They tell us when we’re doing good. When we’re rocking it.

Real friends also do something else.

When we have true-blue friends, they know us well enough to call us out on the carpet.

On Becoming An Anonymous Leader With Ralph Mayhew – Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 017

Today’s Answers From Leadership podcast guest is Ralph Mayhew. Ralph lives in what must be the best place on the planet, the Gold Coast.

He’s an Associate Pastor in one of the largest Uniting Churches in Australia, Newlife. He’s been there for eight years and works with a great team of leaders. Prior to this life, he was the Pastor of a group of three wonderful churches in rural Victoria, and before that a Youth Pastor in a regional church.

Ralph’s also just finished authoring his first book titled, The Anonymous Leader.

Become an anonymous leader

Listen To The Answers From Leadership Podcast

Podcast Show Notes

Ralph, what else do you want listeners to know about you?

Before the interview, I intended to go out shark fishing but couldn’t. I’d hurt my ankle training for a marathon the other day.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Star Trek Beyond

A Reel Leadership Article

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To boldly go where no man has gone before. Could any series have a better leadership tagline than Star Trek?

I think not.

Those 9 words speak volumes on how a leader should lead. He’s ready to go where no leader has gone before.

And that’s why Star Trek Beyond (buy it on Amazon) is the perfect vessel to delve into the mysteries of leadership.

Caution: Star Trek Beyond movie spoilers ahead

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Star Trek Beyond

1. You record adventures: Star Trek Beyond opens up as Captain James T. Kirk is recording the captain’s log. He’s doing a voice recording of what the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise has been through and how they’re feeling.

He’s creating a lasting record of what has happened.

Goodbyes Suck

Today’s post is going to be a very personal post.

Why? Because I lost someone very special to me on Tuesday.

I had to say Goodbye. And goodbyes suck.20160508_162702


Monday, I awoke and life was normal. Pam arose early to let Lok outside and I stayed in bed with our boy Leviticus.

Little did I know that this was going to be the last day I’d get to spend with him. When I came home from work Monday night, there was family over but something was off.

Leviticus had no desire to eat. He also wouldn’t drink.

As the night progressed, we saw more changes. He began holding his head against the walls. He almost walked into our pond (man, did he ever hate the water and being wet). He also had trouble walking.

Sometimes You Miss The Mark

Can I be frank with you today? No, I’m not talking about a hot dog frank or changing my name to Frank. I want to be honest with you.

I’ve been struggling with something. I’ve missed the mark multiple times recently.

And I feel guilty about it.

You may miss the mark

In my writing, I share quite a bit about consistency.

On how we need to be consistent in the way we lead. On how we need to be consistent in the way we treat others. On how we need to be consistent in the way we take care of ourselves.

I’ve failed. In each and every one of these areas.

Monthly, weekly, daily even… I fail. I miss the mark.

You Will Miss The Mark

I hope my confession didn’t come as a shocker to you. It shouldn’t be earth-shattering news.