True Friendship Is Painful

Is there a sadder thing than a man who believes he has die-hard friends only to discover those friends really weren’t his friends?

People believe they have great friendships all the time. These so-called friends lap praise upon praise. They’re told they can do no wrong…

What is a true friend?

My question: Is that really a friendship? Or is it a recipe for disaster?

Real Friends Do This

Having people who tell you how great you are, feels good. Real good.

Our egos get a boost. We feel like we’re on cloud 9. We might be.

And real friends do give us compliments and encourage us. They tell us when we’re doing good. When we’re rocking it.

Real friends also do something else.

When we have true-blue friends, they know us well enough to call us out on the carpet.

These real friends will speak up when we’re doing wrong. They’ll tell us we’re stupid and need to get our crap together.

They won’t cover up extra-marital affairs. They won’t encourage you to do bad business. They won’t help you hide bad choices.

Real friends know this kind of behavior isn’t good for your business and it isn’t good for you.

Real Friends Hurt Us

Knowing what true friends are willing to do, we have to own up to this fact. Real friends will hurt us.

The truth pierces. The truth injures. The truth, thankfully, can set us free.

And real friends know this.

They know they can’t cover up poor behavior. They know they can’t cover up wrong choices. They know they can’t cover up affairs or cheating.

It’s not what real friends do.

And that’s why having real friends hurts.

They tell the truth. They tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.

They won’t let us continue in destructive behaviors. They won’t let us ruin our lives.

That’s what makes a real friend.

Question: Can you say that you have real friends? Why or why not? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.
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