The Wide-Ranging Impact Of Our Mistakes

Our world is flawed. Ever since Adam and Eve took a bite out of that scrumptious apple, our lives changed.

With that fateful bite, mistakes were brought into the world. And everyone will make a mistake.

Your failure impacts many

Image by Eric Vernier

However, as leaders, mistakes can be much more costly to us. The Bible tells us that leaders are held to a higher standard.

When a leader falls, the impact of our mistakes go much further than if they were made by a lay-person.

You never realize how far your failures as a leader will reach until you’ve experienced a failure or a leader you know experiences failure. Walking side-by-side, you see the devastation that is left when leaders make poor choices.

How Far Leadership Failure Reaches

Seeing a leader I greatly respected choose to walk in moral failure has been devastating. Not only for myself but for the many people he’s led and influenced through his life.

Amazing Female Leaders Who Have Been Forgotten By History

Did you know March is women’s history month? Neither did I until I received a fantastic infographic from the folks over at Brighton School of Business & Management.

This inforgraphic showed many women leaders who haven’t gotten the proper recognition in history books.

Do you know these female leaders?

What makes these women so special? Let’s take a dive into their crowing achievements and see how they changed the world.

1. Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell: Dr. Blackwell was the first female MD and also helped form the New York Infirmary for Women and Children.

2. Annie Smith Peck: Peck, at the ripe age of 58, set the record for the highest climb in the Western Hemisphere.

3. Sojourner Truth: At the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention in 1851, Truth delivered the dramatic speech Ain’t I A Woman? dealing with racial inequalities.

4. Beatrice Potter Webb: Webb co-founded the London School of Economics and Political Science

5 Bible Verses That Should Scare Leaders

The Bible is a wealth of leadership wisdom. There are scripture verses that encourage leaders.

There are also Bible verses that should scare leaders.

These scary Bible verses are rarely talked about. They’re kept under wraps and ignored by most.

I’ve even swept the troublesome Bible verses under the run and shared encouraging Bible verses for leaders with you, my readers.

This is a mistake. The Bible has clear warnings for leaders. If we ignore these challenging Bible verses, we are in deep trouble.

Today, I want to pull back the veil and share the Bible verses that should make leaders nervous. Are you ready for this?

1. Acts 20:28

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.

Leadership Lessons Learned From Organizing A Virtual Summit

Podcasting was a massive trend in 2014, virtual summits are in 2015. They are online events, bringing together industry leaders to share their advice in interviews that can be consumed for free.

The WP Summit is such an event, featuring world-leading experts on WordPress and online business. The line-up includes Jason Cohen (founder of WP Engine), Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz), Oli Gardner (co-founder of Unbounce), or Dan Norris (founder of WP Curve).

For me as the host, this summit was a powerhouse of lessons on leadership, interacting with true leaders, and organizing a global event with massive organic growth.

The goal for the WP Summit was, to become the single best event, educating beginning WordPress users and online entrepreneurs on building powerful websites and scaling their businesses.

And it turned out to become just that. Let me share three of the major lessons I learned from organizing this event.

Make Every Day Special

Ruts are easy to get into.

We begin with thinking that everyone is out to get us or maybe it’s that no one is for you. We let the negative thoughts slip into our minds.

Doing so hurts us in more ways than one. But a major way our negative thoughts robs us is in the way it makes our days less special.

What makes your day special?

Simple pleasures make every day special

Every Day Is Special

Even in the mundaneness of our days, each day we have is something marvelous.

Most of us are able to run and jump and play and have fun. We are able to take deep breaths of fresh air. We’re able to look up and see the bright blue sky or the awe-inspiring darkness of night.