Going wide or going deep?

There was a hymn we used to sing during Sunday school. The hymn was titled Deep and Wide.

Grand Canyon / Image Via Creative Commons

The lyrics were

Deep and wide, deep and wide,

There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.

Deep and wide, deep and wide,

There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.

While the song is about God’s love for us. His love is deep, never ending. And His love is wide. It reaches farther than you could ever see or imagine.

I believe there is also a deep and wide principle in leadership.

We can look at Starbucks and see how they did this.

One of their goals was to have a Starbucks on every street corner. To sell the same amount of product in more and more stores.

They came close to it but then the recession hit.

Stop Stopping at Green Lights

I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it.

After stopping at a red light, you inadvertently stay stopped when the light goes green.

Eventually you hear another car blast its horn at you. Or you snap out of your daydream and realize that the light is green. Then you proceed through the intersection.

But have you ever stopped at a green traffic light?

Image via Creative Commons

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Imagine slowing down your car as you approach a green light. You reach the traffic light and it’s still green. You apply the brakes and come to a complete stop.

What do you think people would say if you stopped at the green light?

“Come on! Move it fella!”

“Are you blind? The light is green!”

Who’s Controlling Your Priorities?

There’s a change that is happening in our culture. It’s not pretty. It’s actually pretty messy.

We’re not standing up for the activities that are priorities.

Photograph by Jim Danvers

We’ve given up control for a few bucks. For comfort.

This has been noticeable in the youth group I work with.

We have students that are on fire and enjoy coming to youth group. They encourage their friends to attend.

Then they get a job. Or join a sports team. Slowly, they stop coming.

Students stop coming because work REQUIRES them to work on Wednesday night. Or they can’t attend a youth event because they CANNOT miss a practice.

It shows that what was once a priority is no longer a priority. They’ve elevated work or practice or friends to a higher place.

Action expresses priorities.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Top Posts and Commenters for March 2012

The book on March 2012 has closed.

March brought record breaking temperatures for those of us in Michigan. It also brought record breaking stats to JMLalonde.com.

Lets take a look and see what March brought in terms of Top Posts, Top Commenters, and Site Statistics.

Image via Wordle.net

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