10 Leadership Traits Positive Leaders Focus On

What makes a positive leader go further and farther? They focus on the leadership traits that make them the most effective, positive, and outgoing leaders that they can be.

These are all leadership traits that you can work on. If you don’t already have them.

Don’t fret. Today’s post will help you understand the traits you need and how you can get them.

10 Leadership Traits Positive Leaders Focus On

1. Humble:

The most positive leaders are also humble leaders. They know that they did not get where they are by themselves.

Instead, these positive leaders had help from others. Because of this, they understand that they will need to help others.

How to become humble: Look inside. See where you’ve come from. Look for the people who have helped you along the way. Remembering the people who have helped you will help you understand it wasn’t all you.

2. Confident:

You may think confident and humble don’t go together. They can.

To be a positive leader, you have to be confident. I think back to my ice climbing guide. He was humble as could be. Yet, he was also confident in his skills. He tackled frozen waterfalls like a champ.

How to be confident: Look at your history. Do you see the accomplishments you’ve had? Focus on those. You’ve made great strides and moved forward. Use your past experience to help you become more confident.

3. Passionate:

WOOO!!!! Positive leaders are passionate. They lead because they are passionate about growing people and organizations.

Find an area where your passion lies. Find ways to bring it into your work.

How to be passionate: There are things that really get you going, in a positive way. Find ways to incorporate these experiences into your work. It may be through a reward or risk structure similar to what Jon Acuff encouraged viewers to do in his Right Now At Work video series.

4. Trusting:

You cannot be a positive leader if you’re not trusting of your employees. They will feel you’re always down on them or that they will do something wrong.

Positive leaders know people won’t always make the best decisions. However, they know that their people can still be trusted.

How to be more trusting: Start delegating non-essential tasks to your people. Give them the chance to prove themselves. Let yourself see that people are better than you think they are.

5. Motivated:

Similar to being passionate, positive leaders are motivated. They see a task that needs to be done and go for it. They don’t wait around. They also know what is available at the end of a goal.

How to get motivated: Create goals or finish lines that you can see. Many people call these SMART Goals. I call them realistic. When you have a goal you can see, you are more motivated to go for it.

6. Goal-orientated:

Ahhhh, goals… Everyone says they have them. Not everyone can articulate them.

Positive leaders are goal-orientated leaders. They set goals, go for the goal, and reach the goals they’ve set.

How to become goal-orientated: Start by setting small goals. These could be as simple as finishing up your calendar for the next day before leaving for the night. When you see the little goals moving you forward, you will want to start going for bigger goals.

7. Self-aware:

Too many leaders fail to be self-aware. They don’t see how their actions are impacting those they lead.

Work on becoming self-aware. This will raise your opinion of yourself and your team will see you in a better light.

How to become more self-aware: Ask the people around you for feedback on your actions and treatment of others. Be open to accepting their feedback. Begin applying what they’ve shared with you to your leadership style.

8. Adaptability:

We’ve all realized we have to be adaptive the last couple of years. COVID-19 has made the workplace much different.

Positive leaders are open to change. They’re willing to wade through the ambiguity of uncertainty because they know they will come out of it better.

How to become adaptable: Put yourself into situations where things are constantly changing. Begin making decisions and shifting directions. Keep putting yourself out there until you’re comfortable leading through change.

9. Creative:

The most positive leaders I’ve met have been creative. Their mind is full of new ideas and processes that can help the organization.

Creativity doesn’t just happen. You have to be a catalyst for it.

How to become more creative: Take an interest in things outside of your normal scope of interests. Maybe you take a painting class or you take long strolls through the woods. Find something that will get your creative juices flowing, even if you’re not good at it. You will get better and the creativity will flow into your leadership.

10. Courageous:

Positive leaders are also courageous leaders. They are willing to face the challenges that come with leading head-on.

Put one foot in front of the other when times are scary. Step into the challenge. Be courageous.

How to become more courageous: Leaders become more courageous by doing scary things. Think of when you first became a parent. You weren’t a great parent. It scared you. Yet, you did it anyway. Do scary things and you will find courage.

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