These Business Leaders Know To Disconnect. Do You?

Part of the leader’s job is to be available to those they’re leading. Or so we’ve been told.

Our culture has taught us that we need to be at the beck and call of those who have our number. After all, what’s a cell phone for except to get in touch with someone?

That’s what we’ve been told. We’ve been hooked with the lie that we need to be reached at a moments notice.

While a timely response should be common place, constant connection is deadly to our health and relationships.

Take a cue from these organizational leaders who know how to disconnect:

Heidi Klum – This woman is a machine. She’s a supermodel, the host and executive producer of Project Runway, a judge on America’s Got Talent, and she runs a fashion line.

She’s a busy person. Someone who needs to be connected. But she’s learned the value of shutting off her phone when she arrives home at 5 PM.

In an article in Success Magazine, she shares that she powers down the phone when she is with her children.

And during that time, the phone is off. Sometimes, things can wait.

How powerful is that? Klum is willing to be unavailable even when she’s running multiple businesses.

If she can do it, it might be possible for you.

Michael Hyatt – Leader and blogger extraordinaire Michael Hyatt has found power in disconnecting as well. The last couple of years, Michael has made a point of taking a sabbatical and disconnecting for an extended period of time, upwards of 1 month.

He spends this time resting, recharging, and reconnecting with his wife. He finds a sabbatical as important as running his business.

When he returns from time away, he discovers he’s more focused on what is important.

Could this be the way you disconnect? Is it possible for you to slip away for a week or two or four?

Arianna Huffington – After a health scare, Arianna realized she was working far too many hours. Her lifestyle wasn’t sustainable.

Because of this, she realized she needed a better work/life balance. She also discovered she needed to disconnect from the office at times.

Is your health telling you that you’re pushing too hard and too long? Listen to what your body is telling you and make the disconnect like Arianna Huffington does.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg – 3 names that are synonymous with technology. They’re also known for being driven and committed to their businesses.

Something you may not have known about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg is that they regularly disconnected from the outside world.

In a Lifehacker article, we see these 3 individuals made time to get away, to relax, and to think. They discovered power in time off.

What’s something you need to think about? Taking a week or two to disconnect and think may bring about the insights you need for your next breakthrough.

Breaking away from your business for time off isn’t easy. It’s probably more difficult than actually running your business.

But successful organizational leaders know they need time away from the office and the constant demands leadership brings.

You can do this. You need to do this…

Question: When’s the last time you disconnected from the demands of leadership? What happened? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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