Create A Decided Heart

There’s been many times I’ve started a new adventure or chose to learn a new skill. Only weeks latter to see I had made no progress.

My interest had waned and I no longer pursued what I thought I was passionate about.


Because my heart wasn’t in it. My heart was undecided.

I have a decided heart is the fourth decision for success in Andy Andrews book The Traveler’s Gift. This may be one of the most important keys to success you will ever learn.

What Is A Decided Heart?

Having a decided heart is simple in theory. Difficult in practice.

You’ve come to the point of having a decided heart when your passion meets your heart. You then put forth the effort to chase after the passion with all you have.

Late nights are no problem. You day dream about what you will do. Working to the point of exhaustion is joy.

Your heart knows what it wants and you’re pursuing this goal with all you are.

The vision becomes reality.

What A Decided Heart Does For You

An indecisive person allows instability into every part of his life.
— Andy Andrews

There’s a great reason you need to have a decided heart.

When you come to this place, you’re more empowered than ever before. Your vision meets your heart and you’re ready to go.

Your decided heart is able to give you the energy you need to accomplish the mundane tasks you must complete to reach your goal. You become focused and driven. You’re able to take action. You have a powerful force pushing you forward. It becomes your stabilizer.

In the end, this happens because you were able and willing to make a decision.

How To Create A Decided Heart

Like I said earlier, the theory of a decided heart is simple but putting it into practice can be tricky. We find ourselves frequently tripping over making a choice.

Whether it’s what movie you’re going to take your wife to or who gets the promotion. We’re often wishy-washy when it comes down to it.

The key is to have a vision of how you see your life. Knowing how you want your life to look at the end will be the catalyst.

You can work backwards and see the steps you need to take. This will give you the confidence you need to step forward and make decisions.

Unleash The Possibilities

Do you want to unlock the possibilities in your life? Having a decided heart is the way to seeing the doors of possibilities open wide.

Because of your decided heart, you’re able to see the opportunities that are before you. Challenges and roadblocks no longer look the same.

You know your situation will never be perfect. That won’t stop you. Instead of disaster lurking behind them, they’re now an adventure of growth and solutions.

When you have a decided heart you’re looking for reasons and new ways to move forward.

Question: How have you created a decided heart? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Thanks Joe for this post. I keep a decided heart by focusing on the outcome of my decisions and the wider impact on others’ journey of life. Life is more than us.

    • You’re welcome Joseph. That’s a great way to keep a decided heart. How have you seen this benefit your life? 

  • I think the reverse is true too…if you try something and find your heart isn’t into it, it’s okay to decide to walk away and try something else.

    • Tom, I agree. There are times when we’ve got to give up and move on. Knowing when and why are the key. How do you decide when it’s time to walk away?

  • Good post. I created a decided heart by implementing a written vision for my life. 

    • Awesome Bernard. That’s something where a decided heart is essential. Do you mind sharing what your vision for life is?

      • My overall vision consists of my purpose ‘which is to help bring out the color within people lives by encouraging, equipping and empowering them to realize and live their God-designed vision’, prioritize core values and a future statement for these areas of life (spiritual, relational,physical, mental, financial, social & professional) and a closing statement. I did not develop the entire vision until I realized my purpose. It was a challenging, but purposeful process.

        • Love the vision Bernard! It’s vivid and draws people in.

  • A change in perception sure does unleash the possibilities!
    Realizing that God is for us…WOW, that’s mind blowing when we really let it seep in and take hold.

    • That it is. When we’ve decided in our hearts that He is for us, man oh man. Things become good.

  • Right now, I have a decided heart when it comes to running, working out, and losing weight.

    • That’s one place where a decided heart comes in handy. You’ve got to be in it and committed Jon. Good luck as you enter the journey!

      BTW, are you using any type of program to help you? If not, you might want to try RunKeeper to track running and LoseIt to track your weight loss. Bother were instrumental in increasing my fitness level.

      • I’ve been using LoseIt to track my weight loss.  I’m down 7 pounds since the Super Bowl.  As for tracking my running, I’m using a calendar and a pen.

        I’m not currently using a program, but I’ve followed Hal Higdon’s marathon preparation programs in the past.

        • That’s great! 7 pounds is a good start.

          I haven’t heard of Hal. Are you training to do a marathon? I’ve got to give you props if you are.

          • I haven’t officially committed to the marathon yet.  I’ve done 3 in the past, and I have a solid understanding of the work and time required to make it happen.  I’m just happy to be getting in better shape at this point.

  • DS

    A simple way that I noticed a decided heart revolved around weight loss.  I knew all the stats and reasons to be more healthy.  I knew the number of times I should exercise.  I knew what should be in my eating routine.  None of that knowledge mattered until I decided in my heart that I really wanted to see change in this area of my life.  When that changed within my heart all the other excuses were a lot easier to manage, and it made all the difference in my efforts.

    • That’s a great example DS. Could you imagine the change in the weight-loss industry if someone latched onto this idea and helped people create a decided heart towards weight-loss rather than a routine?

    •  Interesting. I had a similar thought today as I ate some M&M’s. Although I know what it takes to be healthy, I go in and out of spurts where I am MORE healthy with the intake. My very health-conscious friends don’t get why I don’t care about health as much as they do. Really, it’s because I don’t have a decided heart in this area. I’m not super UN-healthy, but sometimes I get down on myself for not being as health-focused as my friends. It makes sense now why this is an area that I do not consistently pursue.

      • DS

        It was a major learning for me, and I hope that the realization you had today will make a positive impact on your life.

  • But do we decide what our heart should do, or does a higher power decide?

    • I honestly think it’s a mix of both. We’ve been given the command to choose who we will serve. The same, I feel, can apply to our hearts. What do you think Dan?

  • Hi Joseph – GREAT Word!!!  Thanks and be blessed – Keith

    • Thanks Keith. You too. Have you created a decided heart yet and gone for it or are you still deciding what to go after?

  • A great example of someone having a undecided heart is someone starting a blog but a month later no longer publishing or pursuing a online platform. I see this happen all the time. Finding our purpose and passions are so essential when it comes to staying consistent in anything. Great post!

    • Great example Dan.

    • DS

      Ouch!  I felt a little grazing by that one.  Not full body blow, but glancing blow that still connected.  Thanks for the encouragement to get publishing again awhile back!

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