You are a Seed

Seeds are amazing when you think about it.

The seed contains so much potential. Some seeds grow into a beautiful oak tree. Others into gorgeous flowers.

Seeding Floating In The Air

Image by Lousie Decker

Our lives are much like seeds.

We’re born as a small package with great potential. Over time we grow. First becoming children, then teenagers, and finally adults.

During the stages of growth we face trials and tribulations. These trials and tribulations help mold us into who we were meant to be. Without them, we wouldn’t become as strong or resilient.

Sometimes we’ll come to a crossroad in our lives. We will have to decide whether or not our lives are where they should be.

We may have to decide it’s time to put our old lives to rest. It may be time for the old self to die and a new self to emerge.

Much like a seed sprouting from the ground.

  1. It starts by being buried. The seed is pushed beneath the surface. Covered in darkness
  2. Eventually roots begin to emerge from the seed. They begin to seek out a water source.
  3. As the roots take hold in the ground, it pushes the seed through the soil until it reaches the surface.
  4. Breaking free, the husk of the dead seed falls off. It’s been used for it’s purpose of protection.
  5. Leaves begin to emerge and the plant continues to grow.

As you can see from the steps of planting to growth, the seed encounters tough resistance and dies. It has to break open, seek out water, push through the tough soil, and get into the sunlight.

But during this time of death, what was really inside of the seed emerges. A new form of life comes to light.

As Ron Carpenter Jr. writes in The Necessity of an EnemyA seed is not the end of the life of that seed; it is the beginning of what that seed will become.

You’ll probably never face the resistance of being buried alive like a seed but you will come against resistance:

  • A rebellious child
  • Hardship at work
  • Vehicles breaking down

Whatever the resistance you face, look at it as a chance to grow and become stronger. Times may be tough and you may not feel like you’ll make it through. But the outlook is good that you will.

The good news is you will be changed through the process. You’ll have new experiences and knowledge to use as you go forward in life.

Be ready to be like the seed and push on towards the goal.

Question: Have you ever felt buried alive? What did you learn from that situation? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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