Why You Should Embrace Change

Leading Through Change

I can hear your groans as I type this. Why, oh why, should I embrace change?

Change is difficult. Change is yucky. And change means things will be different.

You’re correct on all of those accounts. I won’t deny change is difficult, yucky, or even different. Change can be all of those things.

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But change is also good. Change brings life and newness to your organization.

Why You Should Embrace Change

Change brings life:

That’s the first reason you should embrace change. Change will help your organization evolve and grow.

When I think of this, I think of what Ken Harrison is doing with the Christian men’s ministry of Promise Keepers. I heard Ken speak at Barn Base Camp in August.

He shared about his life. Then he shared about Promise Keepers and what they’re doing.

For almost 20 years, Promise Keepers has been dormant… Dead even… But they’re back. They’ve changed. More than that, they’ve embraced change.

They are no longer having multiple mega-events around the country. Instead, they’re focusing on a major single event. This event will be simulcast across the country but there will only be one event.

This is a huge change. One that I think will do well for the organization.

When you think of change, think of the life this change can bring to your organization. There might be something dead that needs to be trimmed away or tweaked. Change it. Let new life be brought into the dead area.

This is what change can do for your organization.

Change means there IS life:

The previous section may have you believe change is only possible for something that is dead. This would be a wrong assumption.

Experiencing change doesn’t mean something is dead. When you experience, and embrace, change, this means there is something living and growing.

Think back to your firstborn child. How much did he change as he grew up? Every day there was something new happening and growing in him. At 2 months old, he wasn’t the same child you’d brought home from the hospital.

All the child your son experienced was because he was alive.

Now, the changes you are experiencing in your business and personal life… Do you know what these changes mean? Change means there’s life and growth happening.

This is definitely a reason to embrace change.

Change brings empowerment:

I’m going to circle back to the analogy about raising your son. The more your son grew and changed, the more knowledge and wisdom he gained.

As your son changed, he became empowered to do things himself. Through change he became empowered to:

  • Walk on his own
  • Eat his own food
  • Find a job
  • Buy his first home
  • Etc…

Change brings empowerment. Change can bring empowerment to you and those on your team.

Help your team to change and grow. Help them to see they have value and can provide for themselves and the organization.

I still maintain change can be scary. It can be less scary, though, when you choose to embrace change.

Embracing change means you look at change through a positive lens. You see what is possible or what is happening because of change.

Today, I want you to look around the change in your world. See what is good about it. How can you embrace this change and make it something special?

Question: What’s changing in your world? Are you embracing change or are you fighting it? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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