Why Should You Buy Refurbished Equipment For Your Business?

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Competition is rife in the business world, and companies are constantly looking for competitive advantages to stay ahead of their rivals. This is emphasized even further by Hostinger’s report that there are 32.5 million small businesses in America. Dependable technology is undoubtedly one of the most significant sources of competitive advantage, so it is no surprise that many business leaders put in a lot of time and effort when purchasing equipment. If you are in the market for business equipment, new or refurbished are typically the two options you can choose. It is tempting to go straight for new products, but refurbished alternatives are worth considering for various reasons. Below are some of the perks of purchasing refurbished equipment for your business.

Enjoy quality products

Many entrepreneurs shy away from purchasing refurbished products because of the notion that they are inferior to their newer counterparts. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as many experts reveal that you are not necessarily sacrificing quality by buying refurbished tech products. In fact, many refurbished pieces of equipment are indistinguishable from new ones because refurbishers typically take great care to ensure that their items meet all high standards. It isn’t uncommon for all refurbished equipment to undergo a rigorous and certified multi-point inspection process.

Manufacturers or reliable, third-party refurbishing experts usually carry out this inspection. The process includes assessing each device’s functionality, battery life, and aesthetic condition. Any initial faulty parts are replaced, and software updates may also be performed to make the device as current as possible. Consequently, you can rest assured that you get quality products anytime you purchase refurbished equipment for your business. Therefore, it is no surprise that 84% of respondents in a recent Liquidity Services consumer survey said that refurbished products were of good value.

Significant cost savings

It is safe to assume that all companies are interested in reducing their operational budget as much as possible, irrespective of their size. Consequently, whether you are buying equipment for one worker or hundred employees, staying within budget is a key priority if you wish to operate a profitable business. New pieces of equipment are usually quite expensive and typically depreciate quickly. However, refurbished equipment is much more affordable than their brand-new counterparts, making them the preferred alternatives if cost savings is a key priority.

Although the discount you will receive typically depends on where you buy from, the product type, and the final product’s condition after repairs, refurbished products are always priced lower than newer models. Therefore, you are assured of at least 10%-20% savings and even enjoy up to 50% less, whether you are buying desktops, drives, servers, keyboards, monitors, or laptops. This way, you can stretch your company’s money while meeting its hardware needs and providing employees with top-notch products. You can enjoy more savings on refurbished items by purchasing them with discount codes. For instance, sites like Net Voucher Codes have several discount code offers that allow you to save on refurbished electronics from reputable vendors like musicMagpie and Dell Refurbished, so keep this in mind.

A larger selection of products to choose from

It is common knowledge that consumers are limited to selections retailers have in stock when purchasing new tech products. However, entrepreneurs shopping for refurbished equipment have a larger selection of items to choose from. This is because refurbishers typically have access to items that are not being sold new. These products are typically items that consumers have traded in or returned, as well as old models that have been revamped to like-new conditions. As such, it is easier to find what you are looking for, whether you are searching for a particular tablet model or a hard-to-find laptop. It is also worth mentioning that several refurbishers provide customization options, allowing you to get your equipment just the way you want it.

Makes your business more sustainable

Computers, tablets, printers, and other electronics are key to modern business operations, so you cannot do without them. However, the increasing reliance on these electronics severely impacts the environment through high energy consumption, water and air pollution, depletion of rare minerals, and landfills packed with e-waste. Indeed, America reportedly has 300-400 million electronic items every year. Although e-waste represents just 2% of the trash in American landfills, it equals 70% of all toxic waste. Thankfully, purchasing refurbished equipment is one of the best ways to get the technology you need without harming the environment.

Buying refurbished equipment helps reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills. Refurbished technological goods allow consumers to reuse and recycle items that ordinarily end up on dumping grounds and pollute the environment. Also, buying refurbished products creates less water and air pollution. Mining core minerals necessary for manufacturing electronics creates a lot of water pollution. In addition, the manufacturing process pollutes the air and water bodies. Fortunately, refurbished equipment uses manually-installed recycled parts, which produces less pollution than sending old equipment to landfills or manufacturing new ones. Finally, it is essential to note that manufacturing new electronics demands a lot of energy. Thankfully, refurbished laptops, printers, and other devices reuse old parts, eliminating the energy consumption necessary to manufacture new ones. As a result, you can greatly limit your company’s carbon footprint by purchasing refurbished products. A study commissioned by SmartestEnergy shows that consumers increasingly favor brands committed to environmental sustainability, so you can even attract more customers due to sustainable practices like this.

Cheaper and easier to maintain

Your IT department will spend much time mastering an entirely new set of installation and configuration processes anytime you purchase brand-new equipment. As such, they may struggle to troubleshoot and maintain new equipment for some time, and training your employees on how to use these devices can be incredibly time-consuming. If you have an assortment of new and old equipment, that will worsen the case. However, resupplying your employees with devices they are already used to by buying refurbished items ensures that all installation, configuration, training, troubleshooting, and maintenance problems have already been worked out and won’t take up much time. Additionally, you will have suppliers that support your existing equipment. Older or legacy computers and printers typically have a wide range of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support for toner cartridges and other parts, making them more affordable to maintain.


Products protected by warranty

It is understandable to be worried about a product’s functionality if it is refurbished. However, not only do refurbished goods undergo thorough testing but warranties also protect them. Indeed, you typically get an excellent warranty tenure when you purchase refurbished equipment from licensed dealers or sellers. You may receive warranty cards validly for up to three months and may even get money-back guarantees that provide complete refunds if you are dissatisfied with your refurbished product. However, remember that many dealers and sellers will insist on returning the equipment unused, in its original packaging, and with the invoice to qualify for warranties.

Great way to test new technologies

Many entrepreneurs would agree that introducing new technology into businesses can be costly. Therefore, if you are contemplating moving to any new type of technology in your enterprise, it makes sense to run some field tests before providing everyone with a costly solution that might not work out. For instance, let’s assume you are considering replacing your company’s laptops with tablets. Before fully committing to them, testing how well these tablets will work in the field is advisable. However, buying many new tablets at a go can be quite expensive. Therefore, refurbished tablets can be a more affordable way to try out your new technology at a fraction of the cost.

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