The Five Best Audiobook Services Available

While nothing can beat the feel of an actual book in your hands, sometimes you have to compromise. My compromise has been to pick up audiobooks.

I’ve heard from many people that they enjoy this method of reading as well. Audiobooks allow readers to follow the story on the go. You can listen to audiobooks in your car, on a run, lounging around the house, riding a bike, or in many other places.

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Finding the right audiobook provider can be difficult. You have to figure out what works best for you.

Today, I will be sharing the five best audiobook services available. My suggestions will make your search for an audiobook provider easier for you.

The Five Best Audiobook Services Available


For the longest time, Audible has been my go-to for audiobooks. The service is easy to use, has a wide range of books, and the return process is hard to beat.

Over time, I’ve built up an extensive catalog of audiobooks from Audible. They regularly run 2-for-1 sales, daily deals, and more. A big bonus is that Amazon owns them, so you know they won’t be going away.

To check out Audible, click here.

2. Scribd:

I was introduced to Scribd by someone who has had a guest post on this site. Patrick McDonald mentioned this fantastic service he recently began using.

Scribd works differently than Audible. Scribd uses a subscription model. You pay a monthly fee and you have access to any audiobook on their site. Their offering is not as wide-ranging as Audible but the selection is impressive, especially given the price.

To check out Scribd, click here.

3. Chirpbooks:

Chirpbooks offers a varying selection of books. This service is very inexpensive. Despite the low cost, Chirpbooks provides the books you will want to listen to.

They offer great books by Donald Miller, Michael Hyatt, Skip Prichard, and many others. You will find a book you love on Chirpbooks!

To check out Chirpbooks, click here.

4. Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is an online library of free books. They were the first provider of free eBooks. The site was created by Michael Hart, the inventor of eBooks.

The site offers many great eBooks and audiobooks. All of the books available on Project Gutenberg are free for you to listen to.

To check out Project Gutenberg, click here.

5. Your local library:

Did you know that your local library offers audiobooks? They do!!!

I’ve found my local library, Hackley Public Library, to hold a treasure trove of audiobooks. They have books from the most popular authors of our day to the most obscure.

Many libraries partner with organizations such as OverDrive to provide you the audiobooks free of charge.

Stop by your local library, pick up a library card, and start listening to audiobooks today.

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