Why Are Christian Leaders Busier Than Ever Before During COVID-19?

I had a great question from a reader of this blog. The question was so good, I couldn’t not answer it in a blog article.

A reader asked: Why are Christian leaders busier than ever before during this crisis? It caught me by surprise… Then I realized he was right. Christian leaders are busier than ever before.

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Is there a reason for this? There is.

You may not like the answer. I know I don’t like parts of it. Still, if we want to become the leaders Christ has called us to, we must be willing to examine these difficult questions.

Why Are Christian Leaders Busier Than Ever Before During COVID-19?

There are a couple of reasons we’re busier than ever before. The first is:

We’re busier than ever because we hadn’t prepared for something like this. We didn’t see the value in learning to live-stream, create online content, etc.

We’ve been told for years to get ready for a live-stream experience. We didn’t want to listen. Then COVID-19 hit.

We can’t meet in the church. Now we have to figure out an alternative to a physical meeting place. We’ve now got to make our home on the internet.

This means many Christian leaders are struggling to understand the complexities of live-streaming on Facebook and YouTube. They may even be scrambling to obtain the equipment to allow them to do this.

This is making Christian leaders busier than ever.

We’ve also been so focused on the building of the church, we neglected the body of the church. This was never the case. Yet we lived as though church was meeting in a building on Sundays and Wednesdays (or whatever day your mid-week service is).

More than ever, church members need help. They’re without a steady income. Their business is shut down. Or they can’t visit their ailing mother in the nursing home.

Their mental health is at a breaking point. And they need YOU.

This is making Christian leaders busier than ever before.

We’ve now realized we need to do more than Sunday and mid-week services. We’re now in a reality where people need the people of the church on more than Sundays. They need to be in touch with the body on a regular basis.

Because of this, Christian leaders are reaching out to their flock more than ever. They’re doing regular check-ins with their church members. They’re asking what needs they can meet and how they can be of service.

This is making Christian leaders busier than ever before.

It’s Going To Be Okay

I know it’s a scary time. We’re pressed for time. We don’t know where our next free moment will come from.

Let me tell you… You will be able to breathe again. Things will slow down. You will begin to understand how to navigate this new world.

The longer we’re in it, the more you’ll be able to learn how to lead through the crisis.

It will be okay. We just have to make it through this.

Question: Have you found yourself busier than ever? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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