You’re Being Pursued

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Our mailbox has been flooded with credit card offers recently. Finding two, three, or even four being delivered in a day has been the norm.

It’s annoying. We wind up throwing away so much paper, plastic, wasted postage.

But in the same breath, it’s exciting. Someone, or some company, is pursuing me.

Girl pursuing her brother

Image by Ed L.

They want my business. They want me to apply. They’ve approved me!

It all sounds so exciting. I can see how people easily fall into the trap of multiple credit cards and debt.

We all long for that pursuit. For someone to want us.

It’s a desire that has been burned into us.

Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager?

That pretty girl. That handsome guy. Giving you the attention you desired. Goosebumps ran up your arms!

Or do you remember landing that terrific job without even trying?

The hiring manager gave you a call. Asked you to come in. Said they were interested in you as a candidate. You were thrilled!

All because someone else was pursuing you.

And yet there’s someone out there who’s longing for you. He has engraved your name on is hands. Knocking on the door.

This man is God.

He’s desiring to have you turn and come to him. Are you willing to do so?

Question: How do you feel when someone is pursuing after your heart? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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