What To Do When Your Routine Is Interrupted

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Have you ever had one of those days where your routine is thrown completely off?

You wake up late. Miss your scheduled time for exercise. Have to skip your devotional time. And scramble off to work hoping to not be late?

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Well, I’m sure you’ve had days like that. I know I had one like that this week.

I have my morning routine.

Wake up at 5. Get out and run for half an hour. Complete a couple of weight training exercises. Shower. Do my daily devotionals. And then go to work.

That’s my normal morning. But not this Tuesday…

My alarm went off twice in the morning and I ignored it both times. Going back to sleep and waking up at 7am.

This was not good. I should have been up two hours earlier starting my run and then transitioning into my devotional time.

Without these two activities, I feel I’m not my normal self.

I’ll be honest. Days like this are hard. I could have let it ruin my day.

Feelings of being rushed started to come upon me.

That feeling only makes the day worse.

Instead of rushing and hurrying through the day, I want to give you two ways to improve the day.

  1. Skip the events that you missed by waking up late and continue your day as you normally would:
    Sure, you’re missing out on some important aspects of your day. Exercise, a quiet time, maybe even breakfast.
    But you can choose to make the best of it by not letting the rest of the day suffer.
    Get going as soon as you can and finish the day strong.

  3. Find ways to squeeze those missed activities back into your day:
    You will usually have periods of downtime during your day. We easily waste five minutes here or five minutes there chatting with a co-worker or surfing the internet.
    Instead of doing that, how about applying that time towards one of those missed activities?
    You could easily squeeze in a 5-10 minute quiet time and do your devotional.
    For a longer activity like exercise, you could cut out the TV for the night. Opting to go for that run or going to the gym.

Days like this will come. You will have to decide on how you will handle it.

Choose to take the positive path. Choose to squeeze those missed activities into your day. Or choose to finish the day strong even though you missed your morning routine.

But whatever you do, don’t let missing your routine ruin your day.

Question: How do you recover when your routine gets thrown off? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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