What Should A Christian Leader Desire?

I was recently gifted a book by the worship and connection pastor, Bobby Hill, at our church. The book’s title is A Tale Of Three Kings: A Study In Brokenness by Gene Edwards.

The title won’t catch your attention—the content of A Tale Of Three Kings will.

The book is short; the copy I have clocks in at a whopping 101 pages. It’s short. It’s easy to read. It isn’t easy to digest.

A Tale Of Three Kings is geared toward the Christian leader. This is a leader who proclaims Christ to be Lord of their lives. If you’re not a Christian, you may disagree with Edwards’ thoughts. Heck, if you are a Christian, the ideas laid out by Edwards are hard to digest.

One thought struck me as incredibly profound. On page 78, Edwards wrote:

I seek his will, not His power. I repeat. I desire his will more than I desire a position of leadership. He may be through with me.

I seek his will not His power. I repeat. I desire his will more than I desire a position of leadership. He may be through with me.

David’s Desire

In A Tale Of Three Kings, Edwards supposes what David thought as Absalom, his son, was mounting an insurrection against David’s kingship. David’s own son was getting ready to overthrow his father and take over the throne.

One of David’s men, Abishai, is questioning David about what he is going to do. David’s answer befuddled Abishai.

David tells Abishai what his desire is. David doesn’t desire power or the title of king. These things mean nothing to David.

David’s desire is something more important than power. His desire is more than titles.

David desired God’s will in his life.

He wasn’t willing to fight for his position. He wasn’t willing to fight for power. He was willing to live for God.

What Should A Christian Leader Desire?

Reading the words in A Tale Of Three Kings, my heart was pierced. It was struck with these weighty words.

I had to stop myself and consider what was written.

Am I a leader like David? Am I willing to lay it all aside when God is through with me?

Do I desire God’s will?

I want to say I do. I want to say I strive to live a life submitted to God.

I know I fail. I know I have to pick myself up time and time again.

However, I can say I desire God’s will, even if I fail in living it out.

This is what all Christian leaders should desire. They need to desire God’s will in their lives.

God’s will may not be the will you would have for your life.

In David’s life, we see Absalom rising against his father. David realizes his time as king is over. He steps aside and leaves his kingdom.

Could you do what David did? Could you leave all of your titles, power, and fame?

If you can’t, are you desiring what God desires for you?

God may call you to leave your:

  • Title
  • Position
  • Wealth
  • Church
  • Organization
  • Seniority
  • Desires

As a Christian leader, you have to be willing to lay all of this down and desire to seek His will, not yours.

Are you able? Are you willing? Do you desire His will or yours?

This is the question all Christian leaders need to answer.

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