What lies are you listening to?

Everyone hears it. That voice. It talks down to you.

Sometimes it is a whisper. Other times it is screaming at you.

You’re not good enough

Those students don’t listen to you

That plan will never work

Why do you even try? It will never change.

The voice is hard to ignore. Coming from inside, it feels like the truth. You are compelled to believe it. Who knows you better than yourself, right?

Steven Pressfield calls this voice The Resistance. I call it The Liar.

The voice sounds sweet. It begs you to listen. It says “Trust me. I know.”

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Yes, we have flaws and failings. Yes, we are not always what we should be.

But that does not make what The Liar feeds us true.

The Liar is scared. It knows you were made for something great. That you were meant to excel.

It knows if you were to actually attempt and accomplish those feats, The Liar would no longer have power over you.

You would be able to tell The Liar:

I made a difference in that student’s life.

I got the promotion.

I completed the marathon.

When confronted with the truth, The Liar must slink back. But he will come back. He will tell you:

That was a one time deal. You cannot repeat it.

But you can and you must.

You have a history. You have a victory! You have The Truth!

You are in a battle. No, wait. Scratch that.

You are in a war.

And there is only one way to win.

You must face the lies and overcome them. Show The Liar that he is wrong.

This is why you MUST take action.

You MUST write that blog post. You MUST give that speech. You MUST succeed.

Each and every victory brings you closer to silencing the lies.

Take action and silence The Liar. Act again when he rears his ugly head again. And again. And again…

Eventually The Liar will get quieter and quieter.

This is the only way to advance. To be free. To live.

Start today and show him who is the boss.

Question: What lies of The Liar do you need to silence? What steps will you take to silence him once and for all? Please share your responses in the comment section below.




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