We All Have An Ugly Couch

I want to let you in on one of my dirty secrets. It’s kind of embarrassing, too.

I have an ugly couch. One that should have been thrown out years ago. Yet I haven’t.

I’ve kept this ugly couch in our living room. It’s stayed in front of our picture window.

Even more so since we put Zane down.

Why We Have An Ugly Couch

There’s a reason I’ve kept this ugly couch. It was my boy’s favorite spot to lay.

He’d love to flop on the couch and roll over on his belly. He’d look at you with his goofy grin.

It was HIS couch.

Broken boards. Ripped fabric. Ugly decision.

But the ugly couch has stuck around.

I’ve kept it because it reminds me of him.

Of how he’d stand on it to watch someone come to the front door. Of how excited he would be when I’d arrive home from the office.

It’s a reminder of what I’ve lost and the joy I’ve had.

We Carry Ugly Couches With Us

You might not have a physical ugly couch. You probably have a symbolic ugly couch.

We’ve all launched programs that failed miserably, but we hold onto them dearly. They’re our babies, after all.

We can’t get rid of a pet project or a task we poured so much time into. The results aren’t there. The emotions are.

We have anger and guilt. We hold onto these because they remind us of good but painful times.

These are the ugly couches leaders carry around.

Failed pet projects. Hurt feelings. Guilt.

We Need To Rid Ourselves Of The Ugly Couches

I don’t want to get rid of Zane’s couch. It brings back memories of all the fun I had with him.

Yet I know I need to.

The couch is using up valuable space and providing no value. It just sits there, collecting dust and junk.

The same goes for your ugly couches. You need to get rid of them.

Cut ties with the failed projects. Move on from your anger. Get rid of the guilt you feel.

When we ditch the ugly couches, new opportunities open up. We free ourselves to put our time and energy into tasks that matter.

Question: What’s your ugly couch? Why do you hold onto it? How are you going to let it go? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Maybe we can help each other let go of those ugly couches.

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