The Scars That Lie Beneath

My wife and I have recently found a show we really enjoy. It’s called Arrow on the CW.

Arrow follows the story of Oliver Queen after he is rescued from a remote island.


Image by Paul Bica

Oliver pretends to return to his previous life as a rich playboy. Except that’s not who he is now.

The island had changed him. It left him with scars. Both physical and mental. And it’s changed his mindset.

His story got me thinking about the issues we face in our daily lives. How we’re often left with mental scars that redirect our lives.

How We Get Mental Scars

We are left with mental scars by many of the situations we face daily.

An abusive boss. An argument we had with our spouse. Words said by an abusive father.

The wounds cut deep and leave us altered. Guarded and scared.

You’ve discovered the old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” to be a lie.

They stay with us and we’re unable to shake them.

Using Our Scars For Good

You may think nothing good could ever come from the scars you’ve been left with. I have to disagree with that assessment.

The scars can be used for good.

I’ve seen others use their scars to educate and encourage those who have shared in similar experiences. People like Mary DeMuth, Lynette Moreau, or David Pelzer. They all overcame horrible abuse. Whether it was sexual abuse, drug abuse, or physical abuse. They suffered terribly and were left with scars.

Thankfully, they realized the abuse and scars were not the end of their lives. Instead, they’re now leading others to live better lives and to overcome their past.

Their scars became a bridge to help others.

Don’t Live Forever In Your Scars

You, too, can overcome your past scars and use them to lead others. Decide today that the past will not rule you. That you can move forward with your life. That you can help others do the same.

Begin to share your story with others. Let them know the past may have shaped your life in some way but it doesn’t define you.

Discover your way to use the scars to build a better life. To help others overcome similar situations as yours.

As you begin sharing about the scars, you’ll discover you’re not alone. And you’ll help those that felt alone before they heard your story.

Let this be a freeing moment for you.

Question: How have you been able to use your scars to lead others? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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