The Complete Package: How To Market Yourself, Your Product, Or Your Services The Right Way

Bringing yourself, your message, or a product to the market takes courage and planning. You will need to advertise across multiple media to gain the most attention and create the best chance of success. Getting the balance right between a physical and online presence is key.

Make A Real First Impression

Real-world advertising still reigns supreme. A lot can be achieved with an online marketing campaign, but nothing compares to a full-color and full-size billboard, bus shelter poster, or a sign running around town on a taxi. ‘In real life’ advertising makes a product feel real to a consumer, and if you or your story is the product it gives people a first impression of you, your brand, and your message.

If you need to target a local area in preparation for a shop opening or event, you cannot beat mobile billboard advertising to get the word out. Advertising vans taking routes around the town or city centers can have a big impact on ticket sales or the turnout to a grand opening. Mobile Billboards can get the work out on billboard advertising across the UK. They can even use street murals and ‘reverse graffiti’ to promote your brand or your event to bolster your coverage across a city or town.

Making Socials Marketing Apps

Using social media profiles for self-promotion and marketing is a well-worn track. There are countless ways to use your own profile, or your business’s profile, to market your products and service while building brand awareness and maybe even a community of consumers. Not enough people are discussing the power of paying for advertising on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Even for small and locally focused businesses, this can be an incredibly effective way to advertise. Geo-location can put your ads on the screens of your local community, and you can even target ads to specific demographics and specific areas. Widen your advertising reach with a targeted campaign while maintaining your existing campaign with your local customer base. You can even use big data tools to hone your sights on specific consumer groups.

 Never Underestimate The Old School

There is a big opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs on the radio. Music fans may have stratified, with many young people streaming their tunes over apps instead of tuning their radio, but the medium still carries prestige, and it carries names far and wide. Radio advertising can make a small enterprise seem bigger, and market itself to a wider audience too, geographically.

Local radio can often be heard in taxis, at hairdressers and barber shops, and your name and catchy jingle or slogan can become infectious, spreading itself across a community through the airwaves. This strategy can grow with you too. Stepping up to regional stations as your success grows, and taking your name to national commercial stations when you become a household name. Radio is a powerful tool.

 With a mix of old and new, you can create an expansive and successful marketing campaign that can drive foot traffic to an event and web traffic to your social media presence. After that, it’s up to you.

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