The Consequences Of Concealment

Can you think of the last time you sinned or made a mistake? You probably had a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You were scared someone would discover what you did or how you treated someone.

The feeling caused you to reel back in fear. You felt the only thing you could do was to conceal your actions and hope no one noticed what you did.

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Concealing your poor choices, actions, and sins will do you no good. In fact, concealing your actions will often lead to severe consequences.

Why We Conceal

You may not think you conceal much when you first think about this topic. Yet, I want to challenge you to think about what you’re concealing.

The Catalyst For The Extraordinary – Andy Stanley Catalyst West 2018

Catalyst West 2018 Live Blog

Today, I’m live-blogging from the 10th anniversary of the Catalyst West conference in Irvine, California. Throughout today and tomorrow, I will be sharing leadership insights from the best and the brightest in the church and business world.

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Andy Stanley is the senior pastor of North Point Ministries and the author of multiple books. He’s the first speaker and is ready to bring it.

The Catalyst For The Extraordinary

A single act of courage is often the catalyst for extraordinary. From Martin Luther to Rosa Parks, single acts of courage change the world.

We often don’t think about change and the extraordinary in this way. But it is the story over and over again.

Abraham listened to God when he said to go. Seeds of the future were planted.

Joseph came from Abraham’s lineage. And then Joseph had the courage to forgive his brothers.

Live-Blogging From Catalyst West

I’ve had the pleasure to bring you live blog updates from Catalyst Atlanta over the years. Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to another Catalyst conference. Catalyst West takes place in Irvine, California at Mariners Church.

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This coming Thursday and Friday, you will see the blog explode with new content. I’ll be sharing content from the speakers at Catalyst West and posting a summary of their talks shortly after they’ve finished up.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. I can’t wait to share with you the thoughts of the following leaders:

Andy Stanley

Lysa Terkeurst

Patrick Lencioni

Erwin McManus

Bob Goff

Danielle Strickland

Carlos Whittaker

Robert Madu

Graham Cooke

Jay and Katherine Wolf

The theme for Catalyst West remains Of Good Courage. So each speaker will share how leaders can become more courageous and lead through fear and doubt.

That’s A Great Question

Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Andy Stanley

Today, I’m live-blogging the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. The next speaker I’ll be live-blogging is Andy Stanley.

Andy opened the conference and usually closes the conference but this year he’s taken a different position and is sharing earlier in the day. I’m excited to hear from Andy once again as he always delivers.

Andy Stanley Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Questions

Great leaders always ask great questions. And great leaders aren’t afraid to surround themselves with people who ask great questions.

As a leader, if you bristle every time you are asked a question there’s a good possibility you won’t surround yourself with people who will ask great questions.

Questions Do 3 Things

Questions reveal values:

The questions you ask reveal what’s most important to you. What questions are you asking again and again and again? This shows what you value.

A Single Act Of Courage Is Often The Catalyst For Extraordinary

Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Andy Stanley

Today, I’m live-blogging from the Infinite Energy Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ll be sharing insights from speakers at the best leadership conference around, Catalyst Atlanta.

The first guest is Andy Stanley. Andy is the senior pastor of North Point Church in Atlanta. He’s also the author of Ask It and Deep & Wide.

of good courage Andy Stanley Catalyst Atlanta

A single act of courage often becomes the single action that changes history. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat. Her act of courage changed the course of the United States.

Martin Luther, breaking with the Catholic Church. An extraordinary act of courage.

Or Bill Hybels telling his father that he wasn’t going to continue in the family business. He was going to work with teenagers and build a different kind of church.

No one knows what is on the other side of a single act of courage.