Stop Looking For Luck

So many leaders are looking for luck these days. They may not say it in those specific words but they are.

Image by Dawn Ellner

Image by Dawn Ellner

There are leaders who are looking for the superstar salesman who will increase sales ten-fold. Then there’s the manager who will increase productivity, if only they could find them. Or you’re looking for the next big thing, wanting to catch it at the very beginning.

All of these actions are a form of looking for luck. They’re relying on an outside factor to increase sales, to increase productivity, or to bring the next big program. And we’re doing it all wrong.

When we’re waiting on luck, we’ll be waiting a long time. I know plenty of “lucky” lotto players who will win the Mega Millions on the next draw.

You know what? The odds of that are not in your favor. So stop looking for luck.

Instead, let’s begin creating our own luck. Did you know you can create luck?

How To Create Luck

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get”
— Ray Kroc, Executive

I love what Ray said about luck. It’s not playing the lotto. It’s not waiting for the stars to align.

Instead it’s about the blood and sweat you put into your work. This is how you create luck.

In case you don’t know who Ray Kroc is, he’s the man who made McDonald’s the powerhouse it is today.

Ray, at one point, worked for room and board at a restaurant so he could learn the restaurant business. From there, he became a salesman of Prince Castle Multi-Mixers. As a salesman he sold 8 of the multi-mixers to the McDonald brothers. These sales made him take note of McDonald’s and eventually to his purchase of the corporation.

Ray created his own luck through his hard work and perseverance. It didn’t just happen. Looking at his history, it was a lot of sweat equity that paid off.

We can apply the same strategy to our roles as leaders. The drive for performance, the search for great leaders, and the end goal all require this luck.

Here’s three quick tips on how you can make your sweat turn into the luck you’ve been desiring:

  • Begin networking: Networking is one of the easiest ways to “create” luck. Rub shoulders with other leaders in your industry. Go to seminars and events that revolve around your work. Who knows, through networking you may get “lucky” like Ray Kroc and be able to add a valuable team member to your organization or build upon a great idea.
  • Do great work: Here’s where you can really add deposits in your sweat equity account. Do work that you and your organization can be proud of. The more great work you do, the more the organization will be noticed.
  • Invest in others: Ray didn’t start the business of McDonald’s. Two brothers did and yet Ray reaped most of the rewards. Why? Because he invested in others and he found luck waiting for him. Begin investing in those around you. Find young men and women you can help mold into the next generation of leaders.

I hope you’re through looking for luck. It’s not going to just happen to you.

You’ve to work hard and sweat it out. Look for the networking opportunities in your area, do great work you can be proud of, and invest in others. These are the ways you’ll discover luck.

Question: Are you ready to stop looking for luck? What are you going to do today that’s going to change your future? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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