How To Stop Being Lonely As A Leader

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from leaders is that leadership is lonely at the top. It’s a tough job and requires so much from the leader.

Just last year, the Harvard Business Review published an article on leadership loneliness. So, if you’re feeling alone as a leader, don’t despair. You’re not alone.

The friendship of Stormtroopers

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There’s good news. You don’t have to be alone as a leader. There’s plenty of ways to find others of like minds and join forces with them.

It may be through a business venture or some other method, but I know you can find other leaders who need the friendship you so deeply long for.

Here’s my top three suggestions for beating the loneliness of a leader:

1. Find a MeetUp event in your city: If you haven’t discovered MeetUp yet, you need to head over and check it out. allows you to search your local area for a group you may be interested in joining. Many of these groups are informal yet meet for a specific purpose.

I’ve attended a few, including hosting a couple of the Seth Godin Icarus Session MeetUps. The people I’ve met through these group meetings have been amazing.

2. Attend a conference: Last month I attended the Catalyst Conference. While there I met people I would never have had the chance of meeting before.

It was great meeting Justin Wise, Chris Lautsbaugh, Paul Sohn, Paul Jolicouer, Josh Burno, and everyone else. The friendships made will carry on.

You can do the same thing. Find a local, or not so local as Catalyst was in my case, conference and make it a point to attend.

While the speakers will provide you with great information, don’t neglect the other leaders who are also attending the conference. They’ll be a great way to beat the loneliness.

3. Immerse yourself in a hobby: Have you ever met someone who was passionate about a hobby they were pursuing? When you did, they were probably enthusiastic to share their hobby with you.

Hobbies draw people together. Whether it’s the local radio controlled helicopter group, the book study that meets at Barnes and Nobles, or coffee loves unite, there’s hobbies and interests that can introduce you to great friends.

Don’t let leadership be the lonely trap so many others have let it be. You have the means to combat loneliness and have thriving, successful relationships.

Question: How have you beat loneliness as a leader? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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