Secrets To Becoming More Constistent

There are areas of my life that I’m very consistent in.

I was consistent in being their for our youth group students. I’m consistent in showing up to work. I’m consistent in my writing.

But there are areas in my life where I wish I was more consistent. I know you wish you could be more consistent in certain areas of your life as well.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the secrets I’ve discovered on how to become more consistent.

Why Consistency Matters

There’s many reasons why consistency is an important trait to practice, especially in leadership.

People need to know that you’re going to do what you say. People want to be able to count on you. People are longing for someone who shows up.

Not only that, consistency can breed good habits for a lifetime.

When you continue to read daily, you begin to learn new skills. When you exercise according to a plan, your health improves. When you dig into the Word of God on a regular basis, you grow your faith.

As you can see, growth comes from doing something repeatedly over time. That’s consistency and that’s why it matters!

How To Become More Consistent

Even though we know what happens when we create routines, we like to reject the idea of consistency. We push it away and think we can get by exercising or reading once in awhile.

You know the truth, our lack of consistency is hurting us. We actually want to become more consistent.

Here’s the good news, you’ll find the secrets to consistency below.

Find someone who needs help: An amazing thing happens when you commit to help someone grow. You have to become consistent in growing yourself.

You have to study regularly. You have to be a model to the one you’re helping.

Because you need to be one step ahead of the person you’re teaching, you become more consistent. Find someone to help today.

Find a passion: I’ve stopped being consistent in areas when my passion for the task dies out. Continuing to follow through is hard when there’s no joy in doing it.

That’s why you need to find something that catches your passion. Knowing you’re going to do something you love helps to keep you coming back again and again.

Find someone to hold you accountable: It’s hard to let someone down and that’s why I’ve found having an accountability partner to be crucial in my quest for consistency.

Look for someone who’s willing to stand by your side and encourage you to keep going. This person may even call you daily to ensure you’ve done what you’ve committed to do.

Becoming more consistent is a process. One you and I will be on for a long time.

This doesn’t mean we can’t create great habits that will last a lifetime.

Use the secrets above to build consistency into your life.

Question: How are you becoming consistent in your daily life? Let’s hear the ideas below.

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