Quotes From Wilfredo Choco De Jesus – Catalyst Atlanta 2018

Live Blogging Catalyst Atlanta 2018

Wilfredo ‘Choco’ De Jesus is the senior pastor of New Life Covenant in Chicago, Il. He’s also the author of Move Into More.

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1. The greatest answer for what’s going on in the world today is Jesus Christ.

2. I want to challenge you to move into your more.

3. The motivation behind less is more comes from the same internal desire of wanting to have more.

4. Only God can give us the more we long for.

5. I should not be on this stage… but God.

6. When God marks you, there is no demon in hell that can remove His hand from your life.

7. When you hear the message, when you believe the message, you become God’s possession.

8. One man or one woman with God is the majority.

9. When the devil looks at you, he sees you have an owner.

10. I still believe in the altar. I believe there’s a place you die. A place where you leave things.

11. God is going to see that the word He gave you will come to pass. There is nothing that can separate you.

12. Here’s the problem with many of us: We want to understand things. The problem with us Americans is that we want to understand.

13. Understanding can wait. Obedience cannot.

14. I said “Hey, Holy Spirit, you clean them up” as I was bringing in the fish.

15. I’m so glad Peter was empty. The fact Peter’s boat was empty shows there was room made for Jesus.

16. God loves to make something out of nothing.

17. Prayer must convert to action.

18. But Jesus said…

19. I have no other choice. I must do it.

20. With revelation comes responsibility.

21. Prayer, yes… But we must act.

23. It’s about people. We must engage with people.

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