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Lisa Bevere is the wife of John Bevere. She is also the founder of Messenger International. Her book, Adamant, is a New York best-selling author.

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1. Knowing WHEN you are is often more important than knowing WHERE you are.

2. We have been a generation that hasn’t prophesied. We’ve been a generation that criticizes.

3. We need the old and we need the young.

4. We don’t get our value by taking our value from men. And men don’t get their value by taking their value from women.

5. God created men and women to be a powerhouse, not a power struggle.

6. For a long time, the church has preached truth without love.

7. The future is male and female.

8. God created woman to solve the very first problem.

9. You’ve got to know WHO you are.

10. We’ve got an entire generation trying to figure out what they need to do without knowing who they are.

11. You are called to do something that has never been done before.

12. You cannot look at what everyone else has already done.

13. You can no longer be Simon. You need to be Peter.

14. We have lost our way where our opinions form our convictions. It used to be our convictions formed our opinions.

15. You are an answer walking around looking for a problem to solve.

16. You can dream. You can be whoever God calls you to be. You can be loved.

17. What you see as a problem is an identification for someone else’s answer.

18. I always thought having one eye disqualified me from being in front of the public.

19. When you face what you fear, you become fearless.

20. You need to write it down.

21. There’s something that happens when a leader writes something down.

22. When we write things down, we mark pathways for future generations.

23. God is saying I need you to open your eyes and see what I’m saying.

24. If you see your brother in need, don’t shut your heart in compassion.

25. If you don’t write, you often don’t recognize.

26. Have the right conversations with the right people. Not the same people.

27. People who talk to themselves go crazy.

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