Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison

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Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison is an animated/anime movie in the world of Naruto. Naruto is a long-running anime show that has lots of love.

The protagonist, Naruto (Maile Flanagan), has been framed for murdering, no slaughtering, a village of people. This is out of character for Naruto but his village loses trust in him.

They decide he’s too dangerous. He must be sent to Hozuki Prison. This prison is where the most dangerous prisoners go. There’s no escaping as the warden, Lord Mui (Matthew Mercer), binds each prisoner with a spell. The spell stops the prisoners from using their chakra. If they do, they burn!

Screenshot from Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Blood Prison

With Naruto being unjustly thrown into prison, the hothead continues to fight. He tries to find a way out. Until he discovers the pathway to being free.

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison is a fun movie, especially if you’re an anime lover. We’re brought back into the world of Naruto and it is great. More than that, there are leadership lessons in Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison. This article will look at those leadership lessons.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison

1. You will be falsely accused:

The Hidden Cloud was attacked. The attacker looked like Naruto.

As the viewer, you know this wasn’t true. It was only someone that looked like him.

This didn’t matter. Naruto was accused of the massacre. He had to be sent away.

Ugh, have you ever felt like Naruto? You didn’t do anything wrong. However, you were accused of wrongdoing?

It happens to the best of us. Even leaders. Maybe even more with leaders.

Be prepared to have your integrity challenged. People will say you did things that you never did. You will have to learn how to deal with these situations or leave your leadership position.

2. It’s easy to get into things, difficult to get out:

Naruto was sent to the Hozuki Prison. Getting into the prison was easy. They walked him right through the front gates.

Getting out? That was a different story.

Lord Mui tells the prisoners there are two ways to get out of the prison. The first was to have their village pardon them—the second, death.

There’s no easy way to get out.

I see this in leadership and life. So many things are easy to get into that are difficult to get out.

Each small, easy step you take in the wrong direction is a doorway to trouble. Trouble that’s easy to get into.

Getting out of the trouble you’ve easily gotten into isn’t so easy. It’s downright difficult.

Make sure you’re walking the right path. Don’t go for the easy. Go for the right thing.

3. Have the right motives:

Naruto wanted out of the prison. His main motive wasn’t his freedom. It was something else.

The young man desired to help his village avoid the danger of a man that’s killing people. His first thought was of the people and the danger they were in.

What are your motives as a leader? Do you see yourself rising to power? Do you find it easy to think of yourself first?

That’s not the way of a leader.

A true leader thinks of those he is responsible for. She looks at her people and sees her ability to help them through difficulties.

Don’t pursue selfish motives. Keep the right motives in mind!

4. Maroi (Andrew Kishino):

They’ve probably been influenced by you.

The Hozuki Prison had been peaceful until Naruto arrived. At least that’s what Maroi, a fellow prisoner, told Naruto. Was it true? We don’t know…

All we know is that we were told it was.

Once Naruto arrived, the prisoners’ attitudes began to change. They became more defiant and caused trouble.

All because of Naruto and his actions.

The people you lead, they’re influenced by you. They’re watching your every move. They want to see who you are and if you stand for what you say.

John Maxwell said that leadership is influence. When you influence others, you’re leading them. You have the ability to guide the people who are influenced by you.

Make sure you’re influencing them in the right way.

5. Ryūzetsu (Carrie Keranen):

You act before you think. That’s why you keep getting into trouble.

Ryūzetsu was another prisoner at Hozuki Prison. She was actually on a mission to kill Lord Mui. Lord Mui had sacrificed his son, Ryūzetsu’s best friend, to try to open up the Box of Paradise, a box that supposedly granted the wishes of the person who opened it.

Ryūzetsu and Naruto become friends. She notices Naruto’s actions are reckless and impulsive. She also sees how this gets Naruto in trouble.

As leaders, we cannot be impulsive as we lead. Our impulsiveness will get us into trouble.

Our decisions will not come from a clear mind. The actions we take won’t be with all of the information we need to act.

Make sure you think before you act.

6. We may not be happy with the talents we’re given:

Ryūzetsu and Muku (Grant George) were best friends. Muku is the son of Lord Mui.

Both friends were training to be the best they could be. Muku was a prodigy. He caught onto his techniques with ease.

Ryūzetsu didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t believe she was a prodigy. Muku corrected her. Ryūzetsu was a prodigy.

However, her talent would be fatal for her. She was given the talent of Dragon Life Incarnation in which she could give her life force to save the life of another.

One use, instant death.

Who would want that talent? Saving someone but giving your own life? That would be horrible, until you’re able to save the life of someone you care about.

Know that your talents are valuable. You have them for a reason. You may not see the reason right away but it is there.

7. It’s the simple things that are important:

Naruto was asked by Lord Mui why he cared about his village. Naruto’s answer was the mundane things.

The local restaurant. The people. The buildings.

There wasn’t anything spectacular in Naruto’s answer. Everything Naruto loved were simple things.

You may think you have to have a spectacular reason to lead. You don’t. You only need to have a simple reason that pushes you forward.

Find the simple things that make you want to lead and lead well. Keep focusing on them. They’re what’s going to help you succeed as a leader.

8. Leaders gain trust:

Naruto wasn’t sure he could trust Ryūzetsu. Naruto’s lack of trust changed as Ryūzetsu shared her story.

Ryūzetsu tells Naruto what Lord Mui’s son meant to her. She admitted that Muku was her best friend.

Her honesty helped her gain the trust of Naruto. He was now willing to help her.

What are you doing to gain the trust of the people around you? Are you closed off? Are you distant?

You’re probably not winning friends and influencing people that way.

To gain trust, you have to be open with your team. Share your story with them. Help them understand where you come from.

Then, the people will trust you.

9. Gamabunta (Michael Sorich):

When you put an apple in a box and leave it there for ten years, what comes out is a rotten apple.

Gamabunta was a frog-like creature Naruto summoned. He was big, strong, and wise.

Naruto knew what Lord Mui wanted… His son.

When Lord Mui opened the Box, he wished for his son, Muku. Muku arrived but he was different. Muku walked toward his father and then put his hand through his father’s chest.


Naruto wondered why Muku became evil. Gamabunta answered. Muku had been put away for ten years. He rotted.

Do you wonder why your people turn on you? Do you wonder what could have been done?

I think you already know the answer. You’ve ignored them.

People don’t like to be put away or ignored. They crave attention.

Give them your attention. Pour into them. Build them up.

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