Public Praise

You may not like this fact, but your people need to be encouraged. They need to know that they’re doing a good job.

Encouraging and praising your team members is something we should all do. Especially in private.

According to a recent study, employee recognition is crucial to your employees.

The study showed:

  • Recognition was most important to 37% of employees
  • Recognition encourages retention (an employee is 63% more likely to stay at a job if you recognize them for their accomplishments)
  • 65% of employees feel they haven’t been praised or recognized

According to these studies, it appears leaders are not doing a great job at praising their people. As the leader you are, you can begin to change this fact. You can praise and encourage those you lead.

I want to encourage you to praise your employees in more than the private arena. I want you to step out of your comfort zone and begin to praise your team members in public.

What does publically praising your team look like?

Public Praise

There are multiple ways you can publically praise your team. You’ll have to work on this to ensure that you’re praising your team in the right way.

Remember, some people love to be made the center of attention. Others, they shy away from the limelight.

We can forget that there are people who aren’t comfortable having a light shined on them because many leaders are extroverts (though not all).

SO, how do you publically praise your team?

Post their good work on a message board:

Not all companies have a message board but for those that do, a message board announcement can be a great way to celebrate an employee’s good work publically. You write out a thank you letter or create a shout-out and tack it to the board.

Using a message board message can be a great way to praise an introvert since they will not have to be called out in front of a large crowd.

Mention what you’re proud of in a stand-up meeting:

Stand-up meetings are happening more and more. They’re a common occurrence in the office place.

Use the stand-up meeting to encourage and praise your team. Take a few minutes to share what you’ve seen happen or how you heard someone did something spectacular.

These are easy wins and can be incorporated into your regular stand-up meetings.

Brag on them while walking by:

If you are walking customers through the office, think of something someone has done, lead the customer by the employee’s desk or office, and brag on the employee as you walk by.

The employee will hear you sharing about their daring deeds and how they helped the company. They will also see that you’re sharing with others what they’ve done.

This encourages them to keep up the good work.

We need to be encouraging our team members. They thrive on praise and disengage when they’re not recognized.

You have the power to encourage them. Be the light in the office. Be the praiser!

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