How To Achieve A Highly-Productive Work Team

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Productivity is key in business.

Should you run your own business, this will be of no surprise to you.

With a productive work team, you will meet targets, impress your customers and clients, and consequently, profit your business.

But how do you achieve a highly productive work team? Well, the onus is on you. While most employees will work productively anyway, there are still things you can do to get the most from them.

Here are a few suggestions:

#1: Focus on your team’s diverse skill sets

A team will work effectively when each person is involved in the tasks they are competent in. Therefore, don’t sideline your team members into roles they are ill-suited for. While training can be put in place, you probably employed different people onto your team because of their core competencies, so for the sake of greater productivity, it’s in your best interest to put them in positions where they can best utilize their talents.

#2: Find ways to motivate your staff

As we discussed in a previous article, motivated employees are productive employees. Therefore, do whatever it takes to motivate them in your workplace. So, you might find ways to reward them for a job well done, such as by giving them a cash bonus should they reach their targets. Praise is another motivator, so thank them for their hard work when appropriate. And check out these other ways to motivate your team, as by following them, you can almost guarantee greater productivity from the people you employ.

#3: Leverage the latest technologies

Technology can make light work of your team’s workloads, so give them the tools they need to perform efficiently. So, you might make the life of your sales team easier with the latest sales software, for example, and in the same vein, you might also find downloadable tools that can aid your other team members in the work they have to do. You might also find ways to organize your company’s data, perhaps using the technologies provided by a data management service, as your employees will then spend less time searching for the information they need for their jobs and more time using it. And there are hundreds of other ways technology can be used to boost productivity, so do your research online to find out more. 

#4: Give your team a break

We mean this literally, as you can’t expect your employees to work to their best capacity if their energy levels are constantly being drained. By giving them opportunities to rest throughout the day, not only will they feel more refreshed and ready to work after their break time is over, but they will also be less prone to productivity-hindering mistakes that can be caused by feelings of tiredness.

#5: Remove distractions

Have you ever caught your employees using the internet for non-work purposes? If so, eliminate the temptation by installing internet blockers on your office computers. Do team members check their phones regularly? If so, implement a non-phone policy during work hours. Is office banter a problem? If so, change the layout of your workspace so your team members can’t so easily be distracted by others. Think about the other distractions that pervade your workspace. By taking steps to remove them, your work team will be better able to focus on their work.

By taking these steps, a lack of productivity shouldn’t be a problem in your workplace. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other suggestions, be sure to share with us in the comments section below.

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