The Power Of Having Self Control

God! I just want to kill that person!

Whoa, those are strong words but ones I’ve thought myself. Sometimes more frequently than I’d like to admit.

Ever been there? Ever wanted to hurt someone? Or maybe it was to extract a painful revenge for a wrong inflicted upon you?

The incredible hulk lacks self control

Image via Tony Fischer

Yet you held off. You didn’t act on your impulse. That’s good.

The restraint you showed is part of having self control. And there’s power behind self control.

Could you imagine if you or those around you didn’t have self control? What could happen?

I bet we’d see

More murder

More robberies

More vulgarity

More road rage

More fights

More ugliness

Self Control Is Awesome

Above, you seen the affects of those that lack self control. People who lack self control can do pretty violent things.

Self control is a gift. It allows us to withhold the anger and frustration we may feel towards a person or situation. It allows us to think through what needs to happen next. And it allows us to act in a wise manner.

When we show self control, we’re able to stop and assess the situation. Our rash reactions no longer have to spring forth. Rather, we’re able to calm ourselves, letting us process what has happened and make wiser choices.

Self control is awesome because it allows us to show restraint.

Restraint might not be the hottest term right now. Instead, you see people promoting brash behavior. Quick action. Fast talk.

Yet, I think true power comes when we have self control.

We’re able to tell ourselves that the situations happening don’t have power over us. We’re able to calmly assess the craziness happening in our world. We’re able to show mercy and grace to others.

Now, there’s real power.

Question: What power have you found in self control? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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