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What can you as a leader do to influence and improve the productivity of your employees? Every employee needs a little guidance and this may even involve training of some kind. In this case, it is recommended that you take a look at Kallibr for further reading. 

Look at goals

Take a deep look at who on the team is doing what so you can understand whether you have assembled the right team for each and every task. Often managers do not perform such testing and evaluation and end up losing valuable resources as well as potential positive results. You need to know your teamwork and every detail of the team members. Talk to them freely about their projects and try to make them feel like they are part of your journey too.

Motivate your team visually

A particularly creative way to encourage productivity in the organization, is to visually illustrate the successes of team members. These can be congratulations to employees who have carried out successful projects, stamped on coffee cups in the company, projected on screens, printed on the mouse pad or sent in a designed email to all members of the organization. This reference is interesting, original, and of course very motivating for the employees to succeed as well. Your team needs motivation too, and when this is done collectively, it boosts morale and helps every single person perform more competitively and happily. 

Create a preventative work environment

Today it all starts with an optimal work environment. The business world today is primarily focused on office and building design. Companies need to move quickly and innovate all the time and that probably won’t happen behind a wall in a gray cubicle and yellow office light. To encourage employee productivity, you need to build a free and open environment that includes offices in large open spaces, a lobby that encourages employee meetings, large windows, inviting coffee stands, and pampering facilities such as a gym, changing rooms, and rest areas. Where employees can rest and give expression to their creative thoughts. Create meeting corners for brainstorming in special spaces throughout the building that inspire. Ask them to contribute their own to the organization by raising macro-level ideas and suggestions. Encourage them to innovate and be as creative as possible. 

Encourage workers to be independent

Creativity and productivity are the results of independence. The more your team feels independent to try and invent things on its own the more creative it will be. On the other hand, none of the employees will be able to be creative if the managers sit on his head and examine his results at any given moment. When you give free rein to your employees during their work, you also give free rein to their creative thinking accordingly. So in fact they allow themselves to fly with the imagination, think higher and produce better.  The future of your team is in your hands, so with the right things implemented, you can achieve much better.

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