The (Not So) Secrets To Finding Opportunity

Listening to those around you, you see people have lost the hope of finding opportunity. They think America is no longer ripe with the chance to succeed.

You’ll hear excuse after excuse. You might even hear some blamed tossed in along the way.

People are bemoaning the fact that there’s no opportunity to be found.

You can find opportunity anywhere

Let me tell you something. Those people telling you there’s no opportunity, they are wrong. DEAD WRONG.

Our world offers plenty of opportunity. But only for those who seek it.

The Secret To Finding Opportunities

I want to share with you where I believe, and have found, opportunity to lie.

Hard Work: Opportunities are often disguised as hard work. You have to dig and seek to find opportunities, but they’re there.

Much like mining for gold, you will seek and seek and seek. Some days you’ll hit a nugget of gold. Other days, you’ll strike out.

But the more work you put in, the more likely you’ll find that opportunity you’re looking for.

Inconvenience: In his book, The 2-Minute Leader, Brian Dodd shares this quote:

What seemed at first to be a great inconvenience was actually a remarkable opportunity because he turned out to be a very accomplished builder.

This was in regards to a pastor who’s church had their furnace explode in the middle of the night. Because of this inconvenience, this pastor discovered he was quite an accomplished builder.

His inconvenience led to a new avenue to serve.

Frustration: Anyone who’s paying attention will know that there are a lot of frustrated people out there.

People are frustrated with their jobs. They’re struggling with their marriage. They are angry over social injustices.

Watching out for these people and their frustrations will open your eyes to all kinds of opportunities.

You can find the opportunities in these situations by looking for ways to serve. Find a way to help these people overcome their frustrations and you have your golden opportunity.

Many people will say these are secrets. My opinion is that I disagree with this assessment. These aren’t secrets to finding opportunities. These are common sense ideas that have been lost over time.

Question: What’s your secret (or not-so-secret) method for finding opportunities? Would you be willing to share them in the comment section below?
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