The Managers Guide To Letting Go And Getting Away – Infographic

Any manager would appreciate having a team that could work effectively and independently, without over­relying on him or her to answer questions or smooth over minute workflow issues.

However, in many companies, this is simply not the case. Why?

Sometimes, it has to do with the team. Maybe your team is inexperienced at certain tasks and needs some extra oversight.

Sometimes, it’s a question of tools. Maybe your organization hasn’t fully bought into the collaborative software or communication tools you need to work more effectively, so workflows are spotty across a project’s timeline.

And sometimes, it’s your own inability to let go. Research from teamfocus finds many managers have trouble fully putting their trust in team members. As a result, work bottlenecks, team members struggle to clearly understand what it is they’re supposed to be doing, and managers increasingly feel bound to their jobs — at the expense of their own free time.

This has a ratcheting­up effect: The more senior the manager or executive, the less likely it is he or she will actually take time off work to recharge.

“It’s up to management to create an environment where employees will continue working when they’re away,” writes teamfocus, who have put together the infographic below to help managers build the kinds of teams they can trust to get results while they’re away.

“This includes setting up incentive programs, meeting with their teams to clarify expectations, and creating backup plans in case something goes wrong. All of these systems will make sure your team has the resources — and motivation — to produce great work without the physical presence of management.”

Managers and leaders need to let go

Source: TeamFocus

This was a guest inforgraphic from TeamFocus.

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