What Michael Buble Taught Me About Leadership In 3 Minutes

There’s a video circulating around the internet from a Michael Buble concert. During the concert, a woman approached the stage to talk to Michael Buble.

Leadership lessons from Michael Buble

Image by Eva Rinaldi

Because of the conversation, a very awesome thing took place. Watch the video below and then keep reading to see what Michael Buble taught me about leadership.

Alright, you’ve now seen what Michael Buble did during one of his concerts. That’s pretty awesome and I know there’s leadership lessons we can take away from this episode.

Here’s what I learned from this concert footage:

Don’t be afraid to approach the superstars: Michael Buble is a huge name in the music industry. Many people would be afraid to approach and engage him in conversation. Especially during a concert.

This mother wasn’t and she did what others wouldn’t do.

The superstars in your life are much more approachable than you believe. You can often shoot an email or send a letter and receive a response from the stars of your industry.

Give it a shot today. Reach out to someone you respect and admire.

Give others an opportunity: Because of the mother’s approach, Buble was willing to give a young man an opportunity to sing with him. He remembered what it was like to be young and unknown.

You’ll have the chance during your leadership to offer people more of a chance than they deserve. Give others an opportunity to impress you and you might be blown away.

Respect talent when you see it: Once Sam Hollyman opened his mouth and began to sing the Michael Buble song, magic happened. His voice was amazing. And Buble recognized this.

He jumped to his feet and began to recognize Hollyman’s talent.

There will be talent all over the place. Be willing to respect and honor talent when you see it.

Not only will you make someone’s day, you’ll encourage them to continue doing what they’re good at.

 Pass the torch: As Buble and Hollyman are singing the song, Buble steps back and then thrusts the microphone in Hollyman’s hands.

To me, this was a touching moment and showed that Buble knew one day he would pass the torch.

Towards the end of the video, Buble even talks about Hollyman taking over his career in a couple of years. While that comment was done in jest, it reminds us we’re not going to be in the same position forever.

Never forget your leadership position is only temporary. There will be a time to pass the baton, or microphone in this case.

This is all a reminder of great leadership. We can learn from this Michael Buble video that we need to do certain things to become a great leader.

Remember, we must not be afraid to approach our superstars, we need to give others an opportunity, respect talent, and pass the torch. These are the things great leaders do.

Question: How are you practicing these habits of great leadership? Let me know in the comment section below.

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